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The Central Intelligence Agency is an information-gathering agency attached to the United States federal government.


In 2011, a CIA agent by the codename "Scarecrow" uncovered information regarding the rebels in the Eastern Slav Republic, reporting to his contact, Leon S. Kennedy, the word "beekeeper", before being mauled to death by a Licker. The single word was used to solve a number of puzzles regarding the civil war - the rebels were using honey tricks (displaying bees) for transporting bees, and Svetlana Belikova's hidden laboratory was built like a beehive. The CIA also received reports that a woman calling herself Ada Wong was involved in the civil war, posing as a representative for the BSAA, who soon after classified the event.[1][2]

In 2012, Derek C. Simmons had CIA agent Helena Harper - known for her numerous infractions - transferred to the Secret Service, as part of his plan to create a hole in President Benford's protection.[3]


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