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The Central Intelligence Agency is an information-gathering agency attached to the United States federal government.


In 2011, a CIA agent code-named "Scarecrow" uncovered information regarding the rebels in the Eastern Slav Republic, reporting to his contact, Leon S. Kennedy, the word "beekeeper", before being mauled to death by a Licker. The single word was used to solve a number of puzzles regarding the civil war - the rebels were using honey tricks (displaying bees) for transporting bees, and Svetlana Belikova's hidden laboratory was built like a beehive. The CIA also received reports that a woman calling herself Ada Wong was involved in the civil war, posing as a representative for the BSAA, who soon after classified the event.[1][2]

In 2012, Derek C. Simmons had CIA agent Helena Harper - known for her numerous infractions - transferred to the Secret Service, as part of his plan to create a hole in President Benford's protection.[3]


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