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Centurion and Rebecca scene 2

Centurion holds Rebecca hostage during the fight, preventing her use.

The Centurion is a boss enemy encountered in Resident Evil 0. Centurion has a health value of 600,[1] in comparison to Billy and Rebecca's 250 and 150, respectively.[2]


The Centurion can perform three unique attacks in Resident Evil 0. The following stats are derived from the biohazard 0 KAITAISHINSHO guide.[1]

Attack Damage Description
Body blow (体当たり Karada atari?) 15-28
Fang attack (キバ攻撃 Kiba kōgeki?) 25
Tail attack (シッポ攻撃 Shippo kōgeki?) 20

Weapon chart[]

Weapon Close range Mid-range Long range Very long range
Knife 17(24~36)
Handgun 14(29~43) 12(34~50) 10(40~60) 3(150~200)
Handgun (Custom)
Shotgun 49(9~13) 34(1~18) 24(17~25) 7(60~86)
Molotov Cocktail Direct hit:49(9~13)
Grenade Launcher (Grenade Rounds) Direct hit:49(9~13)
Grenade Launcher (Flame Rounds) Direct hit:60(7~10)
Grenade Launcher (Acid Rounds) NA
Magnum NA
Magnum Revolver 180(3~4)
Sub-machine Gun 7(60~86)
Rocket Launcher 400(1~2)


The Centurion will be encountered early on while the player is exploring the Training Facility. While in the Rearing pool, when the player has Billy turn the crank to lift the cage and then has Rebecca pick up the Key, a scene will play where the Centurion reveals itself and captures Rebecca.

The player will be left with Billy to fight the creatures and cannot exchange items with Rebecca. The player can not actually harm Rebecca while fighting, and upon defeating Centurion, Rebecca will be freed and it will drop the Key back down.

During the fight, Centurion is relatively non-aggressive. It will simply travel around the room until it happens to come up to Billy where it will then lift the front part of its body and prepare for an attack. Walking into Centurion while it is moving will do very light damage.



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