Further notes

When exposed to the β strain, one of the Doberman test subjects experienced a dramatic increase in strength and fighting instincts and lost the ability to be afraid, making it unperturbed by loud noises such as gunshots. In keeping with a dog's inherently sociable nature, the test subject was able to be trained to follow basic orders. This test subject was subsequently cloned to ensure all Cerberuses had the same advantages.[1][excerpt 1]

Cerberus fighting style

An example of two Cerberuses in training. One jumps at its trainer while the other goes for the legs in the confusion.[1][excerpt 2]

Cerberuses visibly suffer from the necrosis of the skin, which can result in exposed bones and slightly decomposed musculature. These traits does not lessen their agility, however, and their fangs and claws are still considerably powerful. As intelligent social animals, Cerberuses were recorded by Umbrella USA as changing their attack styles depending on whether or not they were in a group. A single Cerberus attacks by running rings around the enemy before pouncing on them with their full 172 pounds (78 kg) body mass and then biting at the throat. If multiple Cerberuses are working as a team they will take turns attacking an enemy so they are constantly under attack.[1][excerpt 3]



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