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"The bitch wouldn't open the door, so I had to fry her."

Chad Kaplan was the computer technician of the commando unit sent into the Hive to shut down the Red Queen.


Kaplan was a competent computer technician and disabled all of the Red Queen's security devices up until they nearly reached her room. Unfortunately, the Red Queen activated her trump card as Shade, Olga Danilova, Vance Drew, and Alfonso Warner entered the corridor leading to her room. She locked the doors leading into and out of the corridor, activating a dormant defense mechanism. Kaplan worked quickly to deactivate it; however, one by one, the commandos were killed until only James Shade remained alive. Kaplan managed deactivate the laser grid seconds after Shade had been cut into pieces.

Though frightened, he convinced himself (and Spence Parks) that they had to finish the mission. He was not fooled by the Red Queen's attempts to trick him and Alice, who entered the Queen's Chamber. Before he shut her down, her last message to him was that they would all die in the Hive.

Chad kaplan pic

Chad Kaplan in the Hive.

When Alice; Spence, and Kaplan met up with J.D. and Rain, who waited in Dining Hall B with Matt Addison, the group was attacked by a swarm of Undead.

Compromised by his fear, Kaplan failed several times to successfully enter the code which would open the doors to the team's to escape. J.D. impatiently pushed Kaplan out of the way, and ordered Kaplan to tell him the code. J.D. managed to open the door, but the room was full of Undead. J.D. perished as Kaplan and the others fled after being overwhelmed.


Though Alice tried to convince him that they would all escape, Kaplan lost hope, and thought they would all die. Unfortunately, during their escape he was separated from the group and surrounded by a horde, and bitten several times. Defenseless, Kaplan managed to escape and joined the surviving team later via a vent to another level.

The others had restarted the Red Queen in an attempt to help them, but the program refused to aid them until Alice killed the infected Rain. Matt; Alice and Rain were trapped in a lab until Kaplan fried the Red Queen's motherboard. Kaplan escaped with the others, barring Spence, who betrayed them and was killed by the Licker.

While driving the train Kaplan was attacked by the mutated licker and pulled out of the train in the process.

The Final Chapter

While making her way through the Hive to retrieve the anti-virus, Alice rediscovers the laser corridor and remembers the deaths of One's Sanitation team there and Kaplan's role. Outside of the corridor, Alice discovers bags containing some of the team's leftover equipment including better weapons and explosives. Alice arms herself and Doc with some of their machine guns and later uses their explosives to destroy the Hive.

Powers and abilities

Chad was not as skilled as the others in his team in the physical, but when it comes to technology he is the first person the team addresses.

Further notes

  • In an early draft script for Resident Evil, Chad Kaplan was originally named Isaib Tagawa Mercurio, his nickname “Twelve”.[3]
    • Instead of Alice, Chad makes a deal with the Red Queen to secure an escape from the Hive.[3]
      • He survives the fight with the Super licker on the Alexia 5000, but begins to succumb to his injuries after escaping the Hive. He becomes an Undead and attacks the Umbrella scientists led by an unnamed doctor.[3]



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