"A mid-sized chainsaw for shaping wood. It has aged quite a bit and smells, but it still works."
— Inventory description

The Chainsaw (チェーンソー chēnsō?) is a weapon as well as a key item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Chainsaw is located in the Dissection Room in the Processing Area. It is made available during the fight with Jack Baker after he picks up a weapon made up of a blade and a chainsaw meshed together to resemble a giant scissor.

The fire button will make Ethan swing the Chainsaw and holding the aim and fire buttons will make Ethan hold the Chainsaw with a continuous hitbox active. Ethan needs to restart the engine using the reload button in order to use it again after using it for a certain amount of time. Jack is capable of utilizing an insta-kill attack that can be blocked by attacking with the Chainsaw and having the weapons collide.

The Chainsaw needs to be picked up in order to leave the area as Ethan needs it to destroy the lock. This will cause the Chainsaw to break and Ethan will throw it away; it will also be removed from the player's inventory and cannot be picked up afterwards.




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