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ChainSaw Controller (Buttons)

The Chainsaw Controller is a special controller for Resident Evil 4. Manufactured by NubyTech, it came in two versions: a yellow chainsaw for the GameCube version, and a red one for the PlayStation 2 version.


As typical with NubyTech products, this controller was designed more so with collectability in mind than handling. Its design is based on the titular chainsaws carried by the Chainsaw Ganados, with yellow carried by Chainsaw Men and red by Chainsaw Sisters. Prototypes of the controller included a sound chip which would play chainsaw sound-effects; this was not in the commercially-released models due to concerns it would interfere with the gameplay experience.[1]

The chainsaw peripheral both come packed in stylized boxes. The box looks exactly like a set of three-paned, double windows from one of the dark and dreary cabins so commonplace in the villages of Capcom title. Clearly viewable through the windows is the chainsaw controller, which actually protrudes from one side of the box, revealing a saw blade splotched in fake red blood. The backside of the package shows a gruesome drawing of the Chainsaw Man cutting off Kennedy's head. However, the device's plastic blade serves no control purpose which does not move though it resembles its in-game counterpart.


Based on extensive play tests, Nuby Tech's claims that its chainsaw controller actually improves the Resident Evil 4 experiences are false. The device features all of the standard sticks and buttons of a regular GameCube controller, but lacks of an intuitive configuration.

The two analog sticks, D-PAD,A, B, Y, X and START buttons are mapped to the face of the chainsaw controller. Meanwhile, the and buttons are assigned cumbersomely to each handle and the Z button is hidden away underneath the peripheral's face groove.


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