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Resident Evil 5

The Mercenaries/Online/Desperate Escape

The Chainsaw Majini is featured in "The Mercenaries", appearing as the resident sub-boss of the fifth stage, Ship Deck in both single-player and online gameplay. They are featured in the single-player version of the mode, in addition to Slayers, Versus and Desperate Escape. There are two variants of this enemy, a red-clothed version and a blue-clothed one, which possess differing capabilities. Both variants are featured in the main story, though both are identical in function.

The red Chainsaw Majini has much less health than the blue version, being able to endure seven shots of an S&W M29 before falling. When killed, his body will inflate and violently explode, severely injuring or killing any players or Majini caught in the blast. In the other hand, the blue Chainsaw Majini has roughly twice as much health as the red one, and will always berserk after "dying".


Move Damage Description Strategy
Swing (type 1) Dying-Fatal (depends on distance) The Chainsaw Majini screams or laughs hysterically and swings its chainsaw towards the player, striking them in the throat and killing them instantly To prevent this attack from happening, players must keep the Chainsaw Majini at a distance. Should the enemy prepare to swing their weapon, one can quickly step out of the chainsaw's way. If the player is far enough from the Majini but not well outside attack range, they will be instead struck by the tip of the chainsaw and left in Dying status. The Chainsaw Majini will always scream before performing this attack, which has a very noticeable start-up animation.
Swing (type 2) Instant Death Strike with chainsaw. This variant has a notably more gruesome outcome, as the victim hoplessly attempts to push the chainsaw away during the animation. This attack is mostly similar to Type 1, with the exception that the Chainsaw Majini does not scream and the swing is executed faster. Distance must be kept to prevent this attack from occurring.
180-Degree Swing Instant Death Enemy turns around and delivers a quick swing This attack will often occur when the Majini is knifed repeatedly in the back or a player stands behind them. Similar to Type 2, it will always result in an instant kill. Caution should be exercised when standing behind a Chainsaw Majini to avoid this attack.
Rampage Dying Enemy enters a frenzy and wildly swings chainsaw Rarely, when defeated, the Chainsaw Majini will get back up and enter a berserk rage, following the player while wildly swinging their chainsaw. Players struck by a berserk Majini will be knocked into the ground and sent into Dying status. Extreme caution must be exercised when confronting a berserked Chainsaw Majini.


Randomly, Chainsaw Majini who have been defeated will feign death and enter a rage-driven frenzy, wildly swinging their chainsaw while mindlessly chasing players. A Majini who will become berserk can be detected by checking certain signs, namely:

  • the Majini falls slowly to the ground, holding his chainsaw with both hands
  • the Majini falls to the ground face up
  • the chainsaw's blade continues rotating

Frenzied Chainsaw Majini pose a great threat to players, as they will relentlessly pursue them until they are shot down for good. Though unable to instantly kill a character, a blow from a rampaging Majini will throw one into the ground and leave them in Dying status.

Weakened by the punishment their body has endured, berserk Majini have low health. Weapons such as rifles or SMGs may be used to attack a rampaging enemy from afar. However, using shotguns is not recommended unless the enemy is critically injured, as a failed kill shot or the pumping animation (in the case of the Ithaca M37 and the Assault Shotgun) can put a character at risk. Alternatively, berserkers can be lured to primed proximity bombs or struck with grenades—one will stop their rampage, while a second one will kill them.

Melee Prompts

  • Kneel - He will kneel down after being caught in an explosion, blinded, or shot in the leg area. Allowing the player to Uppercut for Chris, Somersault for Sheva, Sweep Kick for Jill, and Tiger Uppercut for Wesker.
  • Headshot Stun - Occurs after taking enough damage to the head, causing the Majini to stumble while grasping his face and shouting in pain. Allows Hook for Chris, Twist Kick for Sheva, Spin Kick for Jill, and Panther Fang for Wesker. Any melee during this state will send him into Recovering from Melee state, allowing another opening.
  • Recovering from Melee - The Chainsaw Majini will only do this when he is attacked during a Headshot stun. Allows to perform Straight for Chris, Roundhouse for Sheva, High Kick for Jill, and Cobra Strike for Wesker.



Environmental hazards should be used to keep a Chainsaw Majini at bay.

Being a sub-boss, the Chainsaw Majini has high resilience to damage. First and foremost, one must try to maintain enough distance to avoid the Majini's attack. Although many of its attacks are powerful, it moves considerably slowly compared to conventional Majini types.

The use of hard-hitting weaponry is essential to kill such foes - weapons like shotguns and assault rifles work well against them. Explosive weapons such as hand grenades and the Milkor MGL Mk.1 can be used to great effect. As well, proximity bombs may be laid down as traps to lure a Chainsaw Majini towards them. Explosions, damage to the extremities or attacks directed at the exposed eye will momentarily stun them, leaving them open to attacks or Reaction Commands. In particular, explosions can be used to stop a berserking Majini's charge.

In addition to standard weapons, players must also learn to use environmental hazards against them. A Chainsaw Majini may be stopped with transformers and explosive barrels, or even by kicking a door they are standing behind open.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

The Chainsaw Majini in Resident Evil The Mercenaries: 3D can be killed with 1-2 shots from Barry's magnum, unless he is a berserking.

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