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The Chainsaw Majini

The Chainsaw Majini is a powerful sub-boss in Resident Evil 5. Much like Dr. Salvador in Resident Evil 4, this Majini wields a chainsaw capable of beheading Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar.


The Chainsaw Majini is extremely dangerous to the player, as he travels much faster than the other Majini. If within attacking distance, he will pause shortly to laugh and follow up with a swing towards either Chris or Sheva. If the attack connects, the Chainsaw Majini will be shown beheading the player, or starting from the neck and slicing downwards. Occasionally if the chainsaw does not hit Chris or Sheva directly it will just knock them down and cause them to go into the "Dying" state.


Though not revealed officially by Capcom, fans speculate that there will indeed be different types of Chainsaw Majini, much like Dr. Salvador in Resident Evil 4. He first reveals himself in "Shanty Town", easily identified as having grayish skin and rather bloody pants. Like Dr. Salvador, the Chainsaw Majini wears a burlap sack over his head. It is not clear whether this is a coincidence or if there is some impulse created by Las Plagas that causes the similar behaviour.

  • The Chainsaw Majini is in Shanty Town, only appearing after players have triggered a cutscene by walking up the steps to a gate. He carries Guard's Key, which must be obtained to continue the mission.
  • They also appear thrice in Oil Fields. First at the top, where you turn a valve to shut off the fire that blocks the player's way to Irving. A second Chainsaw Majini arrives while the player is turning a second valve in the closed area during an encounter with Majini. Third, where Captain Stone goes to work unlocking a door for escape while Chris and Sheva cover him. Josh describes it as "a pain in the ass!". This Chainsaw Majini here can be avoided altogether, though this leaves the player out one treasure.

Worth noting is that in the original Resident Evil 5 trailer, (before the introduction of Sheva) a Majini that is identical to the Chainsaw Majini carries an axe. This variant of the Executioner can first be seen in 1-2 with many Majini, but can easily be killed with good shots to the head. Since Capcom introduced Sheva there has been no more gameplay footage of this area.


The Chainsaw Majini is resilient. He is only really affected by surrounding environments such as barrels and electrical boxes, grenades, melee attacks/knifing, and direct shots to the head.

  • Take out the sniper rifle, make sure you are far away and shoot him in the eye he will stumble more than usual and this gives the player a chance to knife or use a fire box to do much damage.
  • The Chainsaw Majini is often accompanied by several normal variants. Taking care of the normal Majini first can be helpful, but you have to be aware of the Chainsaw Majini's location at all times.
  • An easy way to keep track of the Chainsaw Majini's location is to use the map. Players will be denoted by red and green triangles, and the Chainsaw Majini will be the only other triangle there, most likely chasing after the players.
  • Take advantage of the cooperative play. Since the Chainsaw Majini normally chases after the nearest player, have one stand farther back and shoot the barrels, electrical boxes, etc, and have the second run circles around him.
  • On Normal difficulty, 2-3 shots to the head with an upgraded handgun will make him stumble. Shoot head, melee, take a few steps back, let him get back on his feet, and repeat. Doing this will keep the Chainsaw Majini at bay while the other player in cooperative play can finish the others.
  • If you're new to RE5, avoid using the knife. You remain stationary, and won't be able to react in time if the Chainsaw Majini starts to attack. Realize that the knife also does minimal damage.
  • Both players can execute one punch, kick, or some sort of melee while he recovers from an attack. Keep in mind that once he stands back up, you cannot melee until he has stumbled again.
  • Use the surrounding environment. Slash down doors ahead of time, and keep shooting barrels and electrical boxes when the Chainsaw Majini gets close. He will stumble, and you can run away once again.


  • When beheading either of the players, the camera will pan slightly off the body. The actual decapitation of Chris of Sheva is not shown, unlike Leon's decapitation from Resident Evil 4. It is currently unknown if this is a censor, or merely a graphical shortcut.
  • Though having more health and stamina than their Spanish counterpart, Chainsaw Majini are a bit easier to kill than Dr. Salvador. This is most likely because of cooperative play.
  • The cutscene introducing the first Chainsaw Majini in Shanty Town is interactive. It may show Chris walking up alone, Sheva alone, or both Chris and Sheva walking up together, based on the location of the players before the cutscene.


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