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The Chainsaw Man (チェーンソー男 chēnsō-otoko?)[note 1] is a class of Chainsaw Ganado. This Ganado wears a burlap potato sack as a mask over his head. His female equivalents are the Chainsaw Sisters.

In both Resident Evil 4 and its remake, the game's Mercenaries Mode features a more powerful version of the Chainsaw Man, known simply as the "Giant Chainsaw Man".


The Chainsaw Man is a burly, chainsaw-wielding villager with a burlap sack over his head while wearing typical farmer clothing in addition. He can be detected by the sound of a chainsaw revving nearby. Due to his size, sack mask and unique weapon, he is very easy to tell apart from regular villagers.

The Chainsaw Man retains much of his design in the Resident Evil 4 remake, albeit his bloodcurdling eyes are more visible due to the holes of his potato sack being larger in comparison. He had more bloodstains on his clothes, presumably from previous fights and mutilation and has a notably slimmer physique than his original incarnation.


Due to the Plaga parasite, the Chainsaw Man has been made exceptionally violent, and is compelled to relentlessly chase his enemies with his trademark chainsaw. Also due to the Plaga's assimilation, he has been made exceptionally robust in comparison to regular villagers and can absorb small arms fire with ease.[1][note 2]

In the 2023 remake, this robustness is further accentuated by his resistance to knockdown from melee attacks, often being staggered back instead of falling to the ground. He can still be knocked down after taking enough damage however.


The player can obtain a Bottlecap modeled after the Chainsaw Man. His bottlecap name is displayed as "Dr. Salvador" and his sound effect is the one played when he attempts to attack the player. He is one of the regular prizes that can be won when playing Game B.

Further notes[]

  • In the Japanese version of Resident Evil 4, Leon S. Kennedy's decapitation is censored due to decapitation being banned in Japan.
  • There is a Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game card modeled after him named Dr. Salvador.
  • There is a CLUB96 file based on him called Ganado (Chainsaw).
  • In the Trial Edition of Resident Evil 4, a picture of the Chainsaw Man can be seen on the first floor inside the house at the village that has the Shotgun in it, it shows the man without his mask on but with his back turned. The text shown talks about the local rumor of the Chainsaw Man and how he is apparently immortal.
  • In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, closer inspection shows that the chainsaw wielded by the Chainsaw Man does not have teeth fed through the end of it. This means he plunges it through Leon S. Kennedy’s torso with sheer force, adding on to how strong Las Plagas has made him in comparison to his fellow villagers.


Resident Evil 4 (2005)[]

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  1. biohazard4 and its respective kaitaishinsho guide both refer to this enemy type as "チェーンソー男" - "Chainsaw Man." The same title is also used for the original script of BIOHAZARD RE:4. The name "Dr. Salvador" is absent and appears to have been added into the Bottlecaps by the localization department. However in the Resident Evil 4 remake, he was referred to as "Chainsaw Villager" in the localization.
  2. Excerpt from biohazard4 kaitaishinsho revised edition, page 101:
    "伐採用のチェーンソーを武器とするガナード。寄生体との同化に適合しすぎたためか、 強い破壊衝動に支配されており、敵と認識したものを執拗に追いかけチェーンソーを振りまわす。その肉体は通常のガナードよりもはるかに強靭で、 多少の銃弾を浴びた程度で倒れることはない。"
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