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The Chainsaw Sisters (チェーンソー姉妹 chēnsō-shimai?) are a class of Chainsaw Ganado.

They wielded red chainsaws and wore bandages completely covering their heads. Like the Chainsaw man, they are slower than the player.

One of the sisters confronted Ada Wong on her search for a way into the Church. A second sister confronted her near the caves on the other side of the valley. Two other sisters joined in a camp where they attacked Leon S. Kennedy. However, Leon managed to kill them both.


The Chainsaw Sisters are much like the Chainsaw Men having very high health, flinch resistance, and an attack that can instantly kill the player. However, the Chainsaw Sisters swing their chainsaws much faster than the men, making them even more dangerous. There is a secondary death animation that only occurs while playing as Ada and the player is killed while walking backwards or is up against a wall.


Encounter Location Description
Chapter 2-3 Barrier A cutscene will play and two will spawn after dropping down into the center area. One will drop a Ruby and the other will drop the Camp Key needed to progress through the area.
Separate Ways Chapter 1 Cemetery One is waiting at the end of the wooden bridge standing next to the Green Catseye. If defeated, she will drop 3,000₧. This one has a yellow chainsaw.
Separate Ways Chapter 2 Slaughterhouse One waits in the barn along with other Villagers. This one will drop the Lift Activation Key which is needed to progress.
The Mercenaries Stage 1 Three sets of two spawn as the game goes on.


The player can obtain a Bottlecap modeled after the Chainsaw Sisters as a rare prize from game B. Their bottlecap name is displayed as "Bella Sisters" in English and their sound effect is the one played when they attempt to attack the player. One scream is played after the other making it sound like both are attacking.

The Mercenaries

They appear in the mini-game The Mercenaries in the first stage. They spawn in sets of two and player must kill both of them to receive 5,000 points.

Two of them spawn every 10 kills for up to 3 times (6 in total). It is advised to dispatch them before new ones spawn, because the initial two will usually be more than enough. They usually spawn by either of the gates, behind the barn with the ladder, or outside by the bedroom window. They will sometimes drop First Aid Sprays upon being defeated. They seem to have a very high vitality compared to most other Mercenaries bosses as they can take several Shots from Wesker's Killer 7 without dying.


  • Leon Scott Kennedy - Leon should use his Riot Gun or the Hand Grenade pickups he occasionally gets. Aiming for their heads with the Riot Gun does the most damage. From a distance, firing the blacktail is also an effective way to damage the Chainsaw Sisters.
  • Ada Wong - Incendiary grenades work well for crowd control when swarmed by other Ganados. The Rifle (semi-auto) can do good damage when aimed at the Sisters' heads, especially at distances. However it will take a while to kill them with any of Ada's weapons because of the sisters' high vitality, so be aware of this.
  • Jack Krauser - His Plaga arm should be used. It is best to line up both sisters to get both in one attack. If your arm isn't charged, the Bow should be used at a distance in case the player misses. Flash grenades can be used to stun large crowds when the Plaga Arm is charging and during the flash grenade stun, Krauser can use a series of kicks to lower the amount of enemies around him.
  • HUNK - HUNK can easily kill the Sisters, as they are susceptible to his Neckbreaker melee which instantly kills them. HUNK is for the most part safe coming out of his neckbreaker as anyone he touches after his neckbreaker is staggered back although caution should still be advised if another sister is nearby. If HUNK is low on TMP ammo, his Grenades should be used to damage the sisters.
  • Albert Wesker- Everything is effective besides his Handgun. His Killer7 magnum works well, but should be used sparingly because magnum ammo drops are rare. All his grenades help stop crowds. Using his melee attacks are not recommended as they won't kill the sisters unless they were already highly damaged. If used, Melee should be used defensively to gain distance between Wesker and the sisters. Flash Grenades provide ample opportunity to use thrust punch defensively on the sisters.