The chamber of ordeals is an underground area at Rockfort Prison.


This room houses an iron maiden hidden behind a statue of a king surrounded by three other statues representing his servants.


When the Rusted Sword is taken from the statue, mustard gas will be pumped into the room and the door is locked. To stop the gas spreading, the player must rotate the middle statue so the shield points at the king. When the iron maiden is revealed, insert the sword into it. A Zombie will emerge, but the player will also be able to get the Piano Roll.


Location Localization Original script
Statue "The stone statue is holding a Rusted Sword. Take the Rusted Sword? >Yes >No"
Corner statue "The stone statue is holding a helmet."
Corner statue "The stone statue is holding some armor."
Middle statue "The stone statue is holding a shield."
The iron maiden The statue is made of iron. There is a hole in its chest.




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