"A creepy doll used for black magic. Each one in your inventory gives you a 5% boost to your attack power."
— Inventory description

The Champion Effigy (猛攻のエフィジー mōkō no efijī?) is an item that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, in the End of Zoe DLC mini-game.


Gameplay-wise, they are akin to their Boxer Effigy counterparts, however they are more powerful in their effects, granting Joe a 5% increase to his attack power. There are fewer Champion Effigies, however, than Boxer Effigies, though they're more easily noticeable due to their size and red gloves.


Four Champion Effigies can be found in fixed locations, with more being possibly found in boxes at random. The fixed locations are as follows:

Image Location Description
Champion Effigy 1.jpg Paddle Boat 1F In a vent found in the maintenance room
Champion Effigy 2.jpg Quarantine Area 1 In a fridge to the right of the staircase before the shack
Champion Effigy 3.jpg Quarantine Area 2 Towards the end of the winding wooden path on a tree in the water
Champion Effigy 4.png Old House Entrance Before leaving the old house, enter the room with the collapsed floor and it's stuck to a door on the right
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