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Chapter 1-1 is the opening chapter to Resident Evil 4.


It is the latter half of 2004. Leon S. Kennedy, a government agent for US-STRATCOM, has been reassigned on President Graham's orders to protect his family in the aftermath of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals' collapse.

Graham's daughter, Ashley, has been kidnapped by an unknown assailant on her way home from the University of Massachusetts where she studies. Evidence suggests that the abduction was aided or orchestrated by a double-agent and, consequently, a full-scale search cannot be done until all agents are vetted. Within a few days of the abduction, American spies in Europe have shadowed a woman resembling Ashley and have tracked her movements to a mountainous part of Spain. Leon is sent in, unsure if this is part of the abduction scheme. He is escorted by two police officers who are left unaware of their mission (the English dub has Leon reveal his mission to them, however).

Leaving the cops behind outside a house by a ravine, Leon asks the homeowner for information. First greeting Leon with a vulgar threat, the man grabs an axe and tries to kill him, forcing Leon to shoot him. After shooting and killing the man, Leon hears a commotion outside. A truck starts up and speeds towards the police car, the two crashing into the ravine and leaving the cops' fates unknown.

After reporting in the incident to his radio contact, Ingrid Hannigan, Leon makes his way down a path to a nearby village, crossing another stream. He is confronted by more of the murderous locals, one of whom has killed a woman by impaling her head with a fork. The path is protected by tripwires and beartraps, one of which has trapped a wild dog which Leon helps out. As he reaches the centre of the village, he finds that one of the cops was dragged out of the ravine, impaled on a hook and placed on a bonfire. Soon he is spotted and has to confront a large number of villagers, one of whom carries a chainsaw. After a shootout, the nearby church's bell rings, and the villagers stop in their tracks, turn around and head off to church.

Leon continues his investigation of the village, finding a nearby document containing a letter. Written by the village chief, Bitores Mendez, it warns them about an American agent en route to the village, that they are hiding a high-priority prisoner in an abandoned house nearby who is to be moved, and finally theorises there is a larger operation at work. The letter comes with photographs of Leon himself in a city, having been taken by an unnamed man.

Heading into a farm, Leon confronts farm labourers who are unaware of the church bell. In this area he finds a number of bodies of villagers casually dumped in a pile. Moving on to a valley side, Leon is watched above by more villagers, who force a boulder down intent on crushing him, but he escapes. Crossing a tunnel, villagers throw sticks of dynamite at him, but they too are defeated. Leon enters an abandoned building with a dilapidated roof, defended by bombs linked to tripwires. Reaching a closet, he opens the door to find not Ashley, but a man with tape covering his mouth. He is thankful for his rescue and asks for a cigarette. Quickly, they are surrounded by more villagers led by Chief Mendez himself. Leon tries to attack the man, but he has super strength and throws Leon back into the closet.


Footpath to the village

Helping the dog will reward the player in an upcoming boss fight.

At the start of the game only the path to the house can be traversed. The bridge cannot be crossed, and a truck blocks the way past the house. Three crows in the trees nearby can be shot to obtain prizes, and a box outside the house can be broken to find more.

Inside the house, a cutscene will play where Leon is threatened by a Ganado villager. When the cutscene ends, he will be approaching with an axe. Killing the villager is required to continue the game and he can be killed from anywhere.

When the Ganado is dead, another cutscene will play where the truck blocking the path starts up and crashes the cops' car into the ravine. More Ganados will arrive on the map and stay outside the house waiting for Leon to leave. Upstairs there is ammunition, and Leon can jump out of the window to confront them.

Down the now open pathway is a dog trapped in a bear-trap. Freeing it will help out in an upcoming boss fight later in the game, and it is advised the player free it. Further down are more Ganados in an area with trip-wires and bear-traps. Keeping an eye on one's environment, particularly nearby trees and the ground, is advised for the rest of the route.

Village center

When in the village, the player can use binoculars to observe the Ganados from afar. From this distance, they will not spot Leon, though approaching will inevitably get their attention. There is no set method to taking out the villagers, but a few things should be kept in mind that a Chainsaw Man will spawn in an additional cutscene if Leon tries to leave the village early, or enters the two-storey house.

The Shotgun can be found in the two-storey house, hanging on the wall at the top of the stairs. A wardrobe and a cabinet can be moved to stall the Ganados' efforts to get inside, and Leon can also push their ladder away. From the second level, Leon can climb out onto the roof. After a number of Ganados have been killed, the fight will end and they will leave.

Instead of going into this house, Leon can instead go into the one-storey building opposite, which requires shooting a metal padlock to fully explore. Items found in this room can restock Leon while fending off Ganados coming through only one direction.


Blue Medallions can be found hanging on buildings, such as the barn. They must be shot to earn the prize.

The farm is populated by more Ganados who will ignore Leon so long as he keeps at a distance and does not draw attention to himself. The Pearl Pendant is found hanging above a watering hole, which can be sold later in the game; shooting the wooden block keeping the lid open is strongly advised, as if the pendant falls into the filthy water it will drop in price and become the Dirty Pearl Pendant. If the Ganados have not been alerted to Leon, shooting the wooden block will do so, however.

When exploring the barn, the player can jump out of the second floor window and onto a wooden platform. Dropping down below, they can enter another room to claim the Beerstein.

Deserted village

Reaching this building will end the level.

Start to run down the hill and some Ganados on the cliff above will drop a boulder, beginning the first QTE sequence. Depending on the platform the game is played on, the player will have to repeatedly press one button, and then press two others when instructed to avoid the boulder. Failing will kill Leon, and send him to the start of the hill.

Next is a tunnel going under another hill. At the other side is the deserted village itself, populated by several badly deteriorated buildings. Ganados throw infinite supplies of dynamite from these buildings, requiring the player to keep a fast pace to avoid being caught up in an explosion. Shooting the dynamite while in a Ganados' hand or when it is being thrown can kill them. When the Ganados are dead, the Leon is free to shoot a bird's next on a tree to the right of the dilapidated house at the north edge of the area. When shot, it drops the Red Catseye, which can be combined with the Beerstein.

Inside this dusty building is another Ganado, who has set up a trip-wire at the end of a corridor. Shooting the tripwire from afar is necessary as it cannot be avoided. When in this room, moving a dresser will reveal another passageway. At the far end is a wardrobe someone is banging from the inside of. Pressing the action button on the wardrobe ends the level.

Further notes

  • If you can blow up all the enemies in the village fight before you actually initiate it, you can skip the entire fight. Later in Chapter 1-3 you can come back and no enemies will spawn. You can enter the shotgun house and initiate the village fight a whole 2 chapters later. (This does not work on PS3, XB360, XBONE, PS4, and Ultimate HD versions of the game)
  • On a New Game+, if you do the Ditman glitch, you can perform a wall breach at the farm. Go towards the fence closest to the wall. Perform the Ditman glitch and jump over the fence at just the right angle and you'll jump out of bounds. You can pick up items outside of the map and see an unobtainable file. You can also see what the farm looks like from far away. It looks like a giant snow globe. (Only works on the GameCube version of the game)
  • When Leon looks at the bridge some versions of the game say "The brigde is out" instead of "The bridge is out".
  • When Leon gets knocked out, he lands on top of Luis.
  • Chainsaw Man is able to slice his way in, but sometimes he just climbs the ladder.
  • The car that the cops are in is pushed off the road, but the cutscene shows no skid marks.
  • If you shoot the bear trap, the dog will automatically be freed, and no matter where a player shoots, the dog cannot be killed. Also he will not help Leon during the fight with El Gigante if done in this manner.
  • The enemies that Leon encounter before entering the village will stop chasing him after a certain distance. For instance, the three Ganados that appear after Leon examines the house will only chase him until the shack with the typewriter and not beyond that; they will turn back.
  • In a New Game+, the 3 Ganados that tell the village of the incoming attack in front of the bridge will not appear.



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