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Chapter 1-1 is the opening chapter to Resident Evil 4.


In 2004 after the Umbrella Falls, Leon S. Kennedy was assigned to guard the newly elected President Graham's family. When the President's daughter Ashley was kidnapped, Leon's first mission under the new President was to track her down. Information gathered pointed to the kidnappers being located in a remote area of Spain. Leon was sent to investigate on his own, along with two members of the local police. Unfortunately, it seemed something bizarre happened to the local villagers, and after the two officers disappeared and were killed, Leon found himself relying on his survival skills in a deadly fight for his life.


Footpath to the village Edit

Shoot three crows right in front of you to obtain a Spinel and some money, then head for the small house nearby. Go left to find a box that you can break with your knife. Enter the house through the front door.

Head to the back of the house to trigger a cutscene, after which you must kill the villager. Doing so will result in another cutscene and the arrival of more enemies. Go upstairs and collect Handgun Bullets before jumping out of the window. Kill the villagers and continue down the path (You can break the window with your knife and shoot from there if you prefer avoiding close combat).

In a building nearby is a Typewriter. You'll encounter a dog trapped in a bear trap along the path. Freeing it will benefit a later battle against the El Gigante, as it will avert his attention.

Further down the path you will encounter tripwires. Walk past them or, if not possible, shoot them (remember to stay away when firing). At the right of the path there is a red herb hidden in the plants.

When you approach the next cabin, two more enemies will appear. Enter the cabin to collect items. Head down the path to cross a rope bridge. There's an enemy waiting inside the cabin on the left, so take care of him and then grab the items. Open the gate at the end of the path when you're done.

Village center Edit

Head into the village, taking a look with your binoculars. It is impossible to avoid the villagers spotting you. There's no set method to accomplish this, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Trying to leave the village before the next cutscene will result in a Chainsaw Ganado attacking you. A Ruby will be earned if you manage to defeat him but treat this enemy with extreme caution as his attacks are one-hit kills (there's a strategy to easily defeat him using only the knife: get close to him and when he's about to attack you, step back (this trick requires practice) then after he misses the attack, get close, slash him and kick him over whilst he recoils. Continue to slash when he's on the floor until he's dead. This is a very helpful strategy but it may be a little hard with other Ganados around, specially the ones armed with projectile weapons).
  2. Entering the large house with the fence in front of it will also result in an attack by a Chainsaw Ganado. By heading upstairs and claiming the shotgun at the top, you should push the Ganado off of the ladder before he gets to you.
  3. Note: Sometimes the Chainsaw Ganado can glitch and when he hits you he won't get instant kill on you.

Obs.:You can kill both Chainsaw Ganados by going straight to the farm exit to find him for the first time, kill him, and then enter the house with the Shotgun to trigger the cutscene. This way you can obtain both the Ruby and the money rewards.

Jump through the window near the Shotgun and take a left on the roof. This spot will give you a safe place to defeat the Ganados. Another tactic would be to dive through the window after knocking down the ladder and heading for the house across the road. The door here can be barricaded as well and by breaking the lock with a knife there is a steel door that cannot be destroyed. Hiding in this room is a safe tactic as there is extra Shotgun ammunition and Pesetas as well. After a certain amount of time, a cutscene will be triggered and all enemies will leave.

Leave the Village out to the left of the door the Ganados left through, up the slope. It will lead you to a farm.

Farm Edit

There's a typewriter in the shed to the left; next to the shed is a well. Shoot the poll holding the wooden slab up, then shoot the necklace where it's hanging from the wood to knock it down. Pick it up to receive a Pearl Pendant. Shooting the pendant down first will result in the necklace falling into the well, receiving the Dirty Pearl Pendant and lowering the value significantly. Opening the well before shooting the pendant down will give a Dirty Pearl Pendant as well. Next, turn around to deal with the villagers that are alerted by the gunshots.

There is a blue poster on a tree nearby and a Beerstein hidden behind the large farmhouse. Leave through the large door nearby.

Deserted village Edit

Start to run down the hill and some villagers on the cliff above will drop a boulder near you. Start pressing the action button to keep running until being told to press either x▫ or L1, R1 to jump out of the way of the boulder. Failing to press the button fast enough, or pressing the wrong one, will result in an instant death. Upon dying, the player will respawn at the beginning of the room and have to re-do the boulder run.

Head through the tunnel at the bottom of the hill, shooting the two shiny spots in the ceiling to receive two Spinels. At the end of the tunnel, villagers armed with dynamite will appear.

Kill the villager standing in the open first, then try to shoot the Ganado inside the house. Not doing so may result in damage from dynamite. Shoot the tripwire near the shed and head inside the first house to kill the remaining Ganados. You must enter through the back window as the door has been boarded up.

Shoot the bird's nest in the tree to receive the Red Catseye to combine with the Beerstein. Next, enter the far house. A Ganado will be nearby and a tripwire is placed along a corridor. Move the dresser to reveal a passageway. Open the cupboard at the end of the passage to end the chapter.

An alternative strategy can be used in the village. Run past the Ganados into the house farthest to the right (the one with the bedroom in the very back). From the inside, shoot a hole in the door. Equip your knife and slash while aiming at the hole. You can knife the Ganados from here, although they also can strike at you, though this rarely occurs. After the cutscene, collect every item in the level before leaving. Doing this conserves lots of ammo. If you do this correctly you should leave with over 100 handgun bullets and roughly 10 to 15 shotgun shells. (if you pick up the shotgun you have a higher chance of finding shotgun shells in the boxes and barrels.)

Further notesEdit

  • If you can blow up all the enemies in the village fight before you actually initiate it, you can skip the entire fight. Later in Chapter 1-3 you can come back and no enemies will spawn. You can enter the shotgun house and initiate the village fight a whole 2 chapters later. (This does not work on PS3, XB360, XBONE, PS4, and Ultimate HD versions of the game)
  • On a New Game+, if you do the Ditman glitch, you can perform a wall breach at the farm. Go towards the fence closest to the wall. Perform the Ditman glitch and jump over the fence at just the right angle and you'll jump out of bounds. You can pick up items outside of the map and see an unobtainable file. You can also see what the farm looks like from far away. It looks like a giant snow globe. (Only works on the Gamecube version of the game)
  • When Leon looks at the bridge some versions of the game say "The brigde is out" instead of "The bridge is out".
  • When Leon gets knocked out, he lands on top of Luis.
  • Dr. Salvador is able to slice his way in, but sometimes he just climbs the ladder. However this is common in sneak attacks.
  • The car that the cops are in is pushed off the road, but the cutscene shows no skid marks.
  • If you shoot the bear trap, the dog will automatically be freed, and no matter where a player shoots, the dog cannot be killed. Also he will not help Leon during the fight with El Gigante if done in this manner.
  • The enemies that Leon encounter before entering the village will stop chasing him after a certain distance. For instance, the three Ganados that appear after Leon examines the house will only chase him until the shack with the typewriter and not beyond that; they will turn back.
  • In a New Game+, the 3 Ganados that tell the village of the incoming attack in front of the bridge will not appear.


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