Chapter 1-1 Scene 1 (tentative) is a cutscene playing in the "Chapter 1-1" level of Resident Evil 4.


Leon S. Kennedy asks a man questions about Ashley, but he ignores him, preferring to tend to the fire. The man eventually turns and begins swearing at Leon for intruding in his house. He then picks up an axe, ready to kill Leon.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Leon: "Uh, excuse me, sir?"
Leon: "I was wondering if you might recognise the girl in this photograph."
Villager: "?Que carajo estas haciendo aqui?"
"!Largate, cabron!"
Leon: "Sorry to have bothered you."
Leon: "Freeze!"
"I said freeze!"

Leon: *ad-lib*
Leon: "この娘のこと何か知らないか?"
Villager: *ad-lib*
Leon: "お邪魔のようだな 出てくよ"
Leon: "動くな"


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