The Chapter 1-1 ending (tentative) is the ending cutscene for "Chapter 1-1", the first level of Resident Evil 4.


Leon finds Luis Sera trapped in a closet, having been tied up by the Ganados. He is then captured by Father Bitores Mendez, who is the village chief.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Luis Sera: A little rough, don't you think?
You're not like them?

Leon S. Kennedy: No. You?

Luis: Okay, I have only one very important question.
You got a smoke?

Leon: Got gum.

Luis: Perfect.
The big cheese.

Leon: What?

Luis Sera: ゆっくり剥がせよ
あんた 奴らとは違うのか?

Leon S. Kennedy: あんたはどうなんだ?

Luis: 一つ大事なことを聞かせてくれ

Leon: ガムなら

Luis: ヤバイ!

Leon: なに!


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