Chapter 1-2 is the second level of Resident Evil 4. It takes place within the Village, with the objective being to head north.


While unconscious, Leon is implanted with a Plaga parasite on the direct orders of the Prophet, Osmund Saddler. He wakes up later in a building, tied up with rope to the prisoner, who introduces himself as Luis Sera. The two talk of their past lives that led up their current situation, with Sera providing evidence that the whole village is involved in Ashley Graham's disappearance. They are interrupted by the Ganado Leon shot at the village footpath, who tries to kill them with an axe for revenge.


This begins with a cutscene, be aware that a guy with an axe is coming in, so get ready. If successful, the ganado will slice the chain. Failure results in Leon and Luis being killed. Exit the house, picking up the ammo and save if needed. Go around the house to encounter the first Merchant. Be sure to purchase the Bolt-action Rifle and the scope for the upcoming encounters. If able, purchase the treasure map and Attache Case M. The treasure map will allow you to identify treasure on your map and the Attache Case will increase your inventory size. Don't purchase the TMP or tune up any weapons as these are a waste of money. Be sure to sell any treasures except for the Beerstein, upgrade the weapon you have if desired.

Continue going past the Merchant for two barrels and then run back the way you came to one of two holes. Equip the rifle and snipe any Ganadoes you see (headshots are preferable). This may raise an alarm so it is wisest to shoot the closer enemies first, but rarely will anybody attack. Once you run out of ammo, open the doors. A Ganado will spot you, prompting 5 or 6 to rush you from atop the hill. If you still have ammo, try and snipe one of the TNT-carrying ones to slow them. Make your way up the hill to obtain half a crest. Then jump down and go to the first shack to find some ammo and herbs along with a yellow herb which increases max health. Go to the larger house and climb atop it to find the second crest, then combine both crests and open the larger door.

Get the three crates before continuing inside the double doors. There should be another crate inside along with three enemies. Defeat them before rounding the corner, smashing another crate and jumping through the window.

Use the action button the crouch behind the dumpster. Shoot one of the TNT ganados before he throws it as his death will kill the others. Once dealt with, don't jump over the sandbags as there are bear traps on the other side. Instead, go around, using your knife to set them off. Check the furnaces for a spinel and ammo and check the crates. Two more enemies will come through the door.

The next room contains a boarded up window. Break it with your knife and jump through to take the Elegant Mask. Check the barrels, open the door and head down the ramp. There should be two ganadoes along with one more if you keep going. Don't climb up the ladder yet but jump down into the water. There will be some items along with fish that can restore health or be sold (the Big Bass sells for a good bit). Climb back up then finally climb out of the sewer.

Shoot the first crow and then shoot the explosives to kill the other two. Turn to your left for the Brass Pocketwatch hanging over a pit. Make sure to shoot the plank before shooting the watch as done earlier in Chapter 1-1. Destroy the breakables in the shack and then run around the tree to avoid the traps to reach the house.

There's a door with an orb. Rotate the orb up and then left to open it. Go into the room and grab the note, the key and then search the table for ammo and wardrobe for money. Exit the other door to finish the chapter and view a cutscene.

Further notes

  • When sniping, look around outside the gate. You'll see that nobody is there. However, when you open the door, a ganado will magically appear right in front of the holes where you were.
  • It is left unclear how Luis was able to evade the Villagers when he escaped.



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