Chapter 1-2 radio conversation (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 4.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Leon S. Kennedy: "It's Leon. Sorry I couldn't get in touch sooner but I was a bit tied up."

Ingrid Hannigan: "You're OK, right?"

Leon: "I'm fine. There was a male civilian held captive. According to him, Ashley's in a church somewhere."

Hannigan: "What happened to him?"

Leon: "He managed to escape."

Hannigan: "Do you have a fix on the location of that church?"

Leon: "No, but apparently, there's a secret passage in the village that leads there. I'm heading back to the village."

Leon S. Kennedy: "こちらレオン"

Ingrid Hannigan: "本当に大丈夫?"

Leon: "ああ    大丈夫だ?"
"アシュリーは    教会にいるらしい"

Hannigan: "その男はどうしたの?"

Leon: "ここから逃げた"

Hannigan: "教会の場所はわかるの?"

Leon: "村のどこかに    隠し通路があるようだ"
"とりあえず    村に戻ってみる"


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