Chapter 1-3 radio conversation (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 4.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Ingrid Hannigan: "Leon. I've been able to get some new info that might help you."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Fill me in."

Hannigan: "Apparently, there's a religious cult group involved. They're called the "Los Illuminados"."

Leon: "Los Illuminados? That's a mouthful. Anyway I had an unexpected run-in with the big cheese of the village."

Hannigan: "But you're okay right?"

Leon: "Yeah... But he could have killed me but he let me live... And he mentioned something about me carrying the same blood as them. Whatever that means."

Hannigan: "Carry the same blood..."
"Hmm... Interesting..."

Leon: "Anyway, there are more important things than solving riddles right now."

Hannigan: "You're right. Hurry and find that church, Leon."

Ingrid Hannigan: "レオン    こちらの調べで分かったことがあるわ"

Leon S. Kennedy: "報告してくれ"

Hannigan: "そこの地方に古くからある宗教団体が絡んでいるらしいわ"

Leon: "ロス・イルミナドス?噛みそうな名前だな"

Hannigan": "で    無事なの?"

Leon: "ああ    しかしあの男…"

Hannigan: "『同じ血が混じった』…ちょっと気になるわね"

Leon: "だが    今はそんな事を"

Hannigan: "考えている場合でもないだろう"
"そうね    とにかく今は教会に急いで"


  • Hannigan's note on Los Iluminados is different in the Japanese script. Instead her information is that there is an ancient cult associated with the region. The English version instead directly implies a cultic link to Ashley's disappearance.
  • In the original script, Leon refers to Fr. Mendez as the "village chief". As with Luis' line in Chapter 1-1, this has been replaced with a nickname, the "big cheese".


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