Chapter 1: Ring the Church Bell, is the first part of Resident Evil 4's "Separate Ways" side-story.


The story begins with Ada in the village; after fighting off a pair of Ganados, Ada is instructed by Wesker to ring the church bell to pacify the villagers. At that time, she notices Leon having troubles of his own, ambushed by a gang of villagers. Racing to the church, Ada discovers the door locked. The round insignia needed to open it is around the back, protected by a dial puzzle. Although she solves it, something must be placed in the mechanism to keep the gate open. Heading along the shore, Ada encounters one of the Chainsaw Sisters. After defeating her, Ada retrieves the Green Catseye, then returns to the church & solves a puzzle to retrieve the Round Insignia, then switches it with the Green Catseye. Then she uses the Insignia to enter the church, then solves the light puzzle later seen with Leon to ring the church bell, although bringing down the steel bars that prevented Leon from getting to Ashley.




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