Chapter 2-1 is the first part of Resident Evil 4's Chapter 2.


After battling with Del Lago, Leon had a nightmare about being infected with the Plaga. He then wakes up and had a radio conversation with Hannigan. After trekking through the waterfalls to get the insignia to enter the church, the Ganados try to impede Leon's progress with El Gigante.


After waking up, raid the house for items and save if needed. There is also an anonymous note from either Luis or Ada. Head back to the boat, hunt fish if you need to and go for the blue lantern in the distance. Once you enter the cave, explore before you talk to the Merchant. A large crate to your left can be pushed, revealing a ladder heading up to the roof. Get up there and push some boxes to collect a Green Gem, some items and shoot a Spinel off the lantern. Jump down and talk to the Merchant. All he has are new upgrades which aren't much so sell your Antique Pipe and Gold Bangle w/Pearls and leave. Go back to the cabin and save if needed before heading through the double doors.

Here, now that night has fallen, you'll meet your first exposed Plaga enemy. Stay calm and simply shoot it with your sniper to save ammo. Later, you can use flash grenades to kill them, useful if you've got a mob coming. Keep going, making jumps and then rappel down the cliff.

There's a guy on a high platform to your right. Dispose of him a look around for ammo and a barrel on the platform. Your next task should be shooting the chains of boxes hanging over the river to make a series of platforms. Keep going till you reach the opposing bank and climb up the ladder to flip a switch and turn off the waterfall. When you reach the middle, Gannados attack from the waterfall and the way you first came. Simply turn around and go back to the other bank. The enemies will have to jump to meet you, giving you a decent defense and you can easily shoot their projectiles. Continue toward the waterfall but but don't miss the shiny spot for an Amber Ring. Go through the tunnel, take the Round Insignia and head through the double doors.

Turn around and shoot the torch, and then jump on the boat. You'll arrive at the merchant again, he has nothing new so sell the Amber Ring, and save (advised) and then leave.

BOSS - El Gigante

El Gigante-2 .jpg

Make sure not to be too close to him. Shooting El Gigante in the back may be a smart idea but make sure you're far enough away as he'll back hand you. Just make sure you keep a good distance, and run through his legs when needed. Careful for his grab. Also, hiding in the shacks isn't too smart and he will destroy those. He'll also rip a tree out of the ground and use it as a club and charge you if you get too far. After enough shots, El Gigante will grab his back and kneel in pain as a massive Centipede Plaga bursts from his back: press X to hop atop the monster & mash X/Square to quickly slash it with the knife. Careful though, press the wrong button or wait too long and he'll pick you off and slam you to the ground. Remember the dog you freed from the bear trap back in 1-1? If you wait long enough, a cutscene will show the dog joining into the action. He'll distract the troll for a while, take this opportunity then shoot & begin slashing.

For an easy win, just use your flash grenades. Three should be enough. Stun it and then just do nothing but shoot (and mount him when needed); however, if you can't advance, buy an RPG. One hit kill.

After El Gigante's demise, pick the 15,000 Peseta bounty, then raid the shacks and pick a yellow herb before heading back through the doors for the Cemetery.

Head back to the church to be welcomed by three Colmillos. Don't mess around, give em a taste of your shotgun and head in the church. Look around for items before heading upstairs. Hop into the chandelier, then wait for it to be near it's swinging arc & jump into the other side. Interact with the console & turn the buttons a few times—more specifically, Red 2 times, Green 3 times & Blue only once; the door will unlock. Proceed into the door & check it—watch the cutscene to finally meet Ashley, Leon's rescue subject. Watch the Playing Tutorial 3, then break the barrels around here to get some loot. Leave then jump down the stairs, then turn around & press X to CATCH ASHLEY. Head towards the main area of the church

There is a different strategy available for this boss battle, but I must stress that only veteran players should attempt it. If you're very skilled you probably don't use hand grenades very often. I usually don't and find them just taking up inventory space. Well it takes two hand grenades to make El gigante to release his plaga. That's six grenades to take him out. This works if you want to make space for more ammo or health items, specifically on professional.

Another ammo conserving strategy is to throw a hand grenade to stun El Gigante and then fill his head with TMP ammo. It usually takes about 20 to 30 TMP rounds to reveal the plaga. Repeat this 3 times (assuming you successfully knife the plaga) and you'll defeat El Gigante. If you do it correctly, El Gigante will not get the chance to attack you. The TMP is preferred because with its fast rate of fire, you can do enough damage before El Gigante recovers from his stun.

Further notes

  • After you take the Round Insignia, you can ignore the double doors and go back all the way from where you came from to the church. However, doing so will take you more time and will also get you to meet a mob of Colmillos earlier, located just after the shack before the fight with Del Lago. The Ganado in the swamp area have also respawned.
  • If you do the Ditman glitch in the Merchant Cave, you can jump down the ladder and float on air. You can walk through the walls and then pick up items. One of which is an ammo box called "Shotgun". If you pick it up, then go to the inventory screen, the game will crash. However, in all HD versions of the game, it is revealed that the shotgun is actually Ada's shotgun. It can be equipped, but it shows Leon's shotgun model. In all previous versions, if the player were to use an action replay and choose to play as Ada, you can get the shotgun without it crashing and actually use it.
  • If you do the Ditman glitch in the Church, you can wall breach through the wall of the Church by jumping down the ladder at a certain position. You can pick up items outside of the map as well.



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