Chapter 2-2 is the second part of Resident Evil 4's Chapter 2.


Leon fight his way to protect Ashley from the Ganados. He then picking up a call from Hannigan. She told him that they've lost contact with the chopper and someone shot it down that cannot determine who. They're prepare another chopper right away, so that Leon and Ashley head towards the extraction point.


Grab the items in the room before unlocking the door and leaving. When you get outside, head to the explosives cart and fire when the Ganados are close enough. Grab the items in the shed and shoot the crows nests down if you want. Go through the caves. The Merchant will be able to sell you the Red9 and it's stock. The Red9 is (powerwise) the best handgun in the game. However, it may be smart not to buy it just yet since your Punisher will be more useful (being quicker and able to hit two enemies) in an upcoming battle.

No Ganados will arrive unless you take the path to the farm. Before heading there, collect the items. When you meet the Ganado, kill it quickly as others will arrive shortly. Shoot off the bear traps if you feel threatened by them.

Traps are very dangerous to Ashley since she has a hard time avoiding them, use extreme caution.

When you enter the farmyard, run to the large crate and tell Ashley to hide in it. Go to the farmhouse, head upstairs and head for the door that is only accessible through the bridge. Shout Ashley back when you have defeated all of the enemies. After catching her when she jumps, shoot the bear traps and give Ashley a piggyback so she can unlock the door in front.

Inside is the Merchant, spend your money on health and weapon upgrades if you have enough. Go over the rope bridge to trigger a cutscene.

Cabin Standoff Edit

Move the cupboards in front of the windows to slow down the Ganados. There should be Shotgun Shells on the table and yellow herb next to the fireplace near the door. When the Ganados wreck the cupboards & the show begins, shoot whoever makes it inside. Going to the staircase if you're crowded can work wonders, but remember that it isn't failsafe. Luis will use his Red9 to help you, but don't let your guard down. You might mistake Luis for a Ganado in the confusion, so remember: DO NOT shoot Luis, or you'll have rather unpleasant results. (See: Easter Eggs)

When he gives you the signal, go upstairs - he means it, because the entire 1st floor will be swarmed in no time. Push the ladders off the windows to slow the Ganados down, and for you to keep concentration on the Ganados heading up the stairs - you may have to do this several times.

When enough enemies have been killed (40 heads to be more exact), the remaining crowd will retreat.

(Note: the kill target is reduced to 30 in the NTSC-J and the PAL versions, although it remains 30 in both's Easy difficulties).

IF you do accidentally shoot Luis and you DON'T trigger the cutsene, help him by shooting a Ganado when it grabs him and he will forgive you for it.

Further notesEdit

  • If you shoot Luis enough, a cutscene will trigger where he kills Leon.



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