Chapter 2-2 is the fourth level of Resident Evil 5.


As agreed with BSAA Delta Team captain Josh Stone, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar proceed through the caves and a quarry in search of the suspected bioweapons dealer Ricardo Irving. The two find Irving within the quarry, as expected, but an unidentified woman saves him. Escaping the quarry, the two BSAA agents are attacked by Popokarimu, before linking up with Delta Team member Dave Johnson.


Train Station

Kijuju Trains.png

Once you head out of the room where you begin and head into the train yard you will be attacked by packs of Adjule. As you pass through the first row of rail cars 3 or 4 Adjule will attack you. The same thing will happen while passing down the second row, 3 or 4 Adjule will attack. It is possible to wait next to the explosives for the Adjule to come and then shoot the explosives killing them instantly and saving ammo. After defeating them climb up to the top of the trains where around 3 to 4 Bowgun Majini will be waiting. Be careful as two of them release Kipepeo Plagas when killed. You can run all the way to the end, blow up the traps ASAP, climb up to the railcar, then Adjules cannot reach you. You can then ignore or deal with them using grenades. After you kill the Majini turn towards the building you came from and look at the top of the Electricity Pylon where you will find your first BSAA emblem. Then head across the trains to a platform with a tripwire. From there reload your pistol if empty and drop down to a mine cart. Once in the cart be ready to aim to your right side as there are 2 tripwire explosives and the mining cart does not stop till it reaches the elevator. Once the cart stops hop out of it and then activate the elevator to proceed down to the mines.

The Mines

When you start in the mines there is a lantern next to you, the idea is that one character holds a lamp as the other fires. Remember to stick together to keep yourselves safe. You will encounter many Cephalo so try to use neck-breaker or slit-throat as often as possible to save ammo. You may also come across crates containing a surprise... snakes! Watch out and be ready to swipe that knife again. When you come to a small bridge look up and you will see a jewel hanging right above the entrance to the other side, shoot it down to pick it up. Also once at the middle of said bridge stop and turn to the right. You should see the second BSAA emblem off in the distance. Shortly before you reach the lighted area with the crank take a detour to the left where there will be a small passageway leading up to another lighted area with a few crates and a chest containing a jewel. Once you've reached the crank the lantern can be left behind. Open the gate so your partner can get through to open the gate from the other side. This will trigger a few Majini to jump down from behind you while your partner goes for the other crank, these can be avoided if your partner is fast enough. When you enter the large room a cutscene will play where Majini with crossbows will rush in to the room. After the cutscene you can either retreat to the 'gate' and go for headshots or if you do not have enough ammo you can keep moving. A few Majini will turn in to Cephalo when killed so be ready for them. So try not to blow their heads out. Remember, Cephalo are instantly killed by Flash Grenades. After you clear the main room or are running for your life, head to the top level and enter another mine shaft which will then take you up to 3 more Majini (2 with Crossbows and 1 throwing dynamite). Kill them and then enter the elevator. This will take you to the area outside the mines.

Mining Area

When you arrive outside there should be some rifle ammo to the right of the stairs. When you go up the stairs, a cutscene will play where Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar find Ricardo Irving at the Quarry, only for him to escape with the aid of his companion.

When you regain control, open the locker to the left of the windows, it contains the Dragunov Sniper Rifle, use it to take out the crossbow wielders and the ones on the turret. After you climb the first set of stairs turn around and look at the building that you came from; slightly to the right ontop of the building next to it should be the third and final BSAA emblem, take it out with the Dragunov. Hop down to the next area and proceed with caution as a great number or Majini will be throwing dynamite plus a great deal more will come out of the woodwork. After all these are cleared you will reach a green box, push it off with the help of Sheva. Afterwards you will reach a small area with a few crates, do not jump down until you are ready as this will trigger the boss fight. Once you jump down a cutscene will play where a Majini is driving a truck towards you. He crashes the truck which kills him a releases the boss: a Popokarimu. The strategy for him is one player kites him around in a circle while the other can either shoot at his weak spot at the back of his tail or the partner picks up all the loot in the area and then lays a proximity mine for the Popokarimu to walk or fly over. This will immobilize him allowing you to shoot his weak spot for an extended period of time. With a stock dragunov it should take about 15-20 bullets to put the Popokarimu away for good. After you deal enough damage to it, it will let out a scream and a cutscene will play where it flies up in the air and comes in for an attack. Chris shoots it with his Berretta and the Popokarimu falls on the truck which sends both the truck and itself falling down to the canyon floor below. Immediately after the Popokarimu's death, Dave Johnson will come driving up in a Gambit. You and your partner climb in and so ends Chapter 2-2.

Rank conditions

Stats taken from BIOHAZARD 5 kaitaishinsho.[1]

Accuracy 70.0% or more 60.0-69.9% 50.0-59.9% 49.9% or less


50 or more 35-49 20-34 19 or less
Deaths 0 1 2 3 or more
Clear time 0:22:00 or less 0:22:01 - 0:27:00 0:27:01 - 0:32:00 0:32:01 or more



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