Chapter 2-3 is the sixth level in Resident Evil 4. It continues on from the fight at the cabin to the arrival at the Castle. This contains the Bitores Mendez (listed in enemies) boss battle and Chainsaw Sisters and/or El Gigantes sub battles.

It involves Leon and Ashley's escape from the Village and into the Castle. 


Following the Cabin Standoff, the Village mounts a last defence by blocking both routes leading on from the cabin, massing Ganados including the Chainsaw Sisters in one and blocking the other with El Gigante. Knowing that the gate leading out of the village would only open before his sight, Bitores Mendez, the village chief, prepares to face the Americans at an abattoir not far from where a cablecar stops.  Despite initially ambushing and overpowering Leon—even twisting the door handles to prevent the latter's escape—Mendez is caught in a petrol barrel explosion which leaves his coat in tatters. Though Mendez mutates into a frightening new form once his coat is left in tatters, he is severed at the waist and eventually put down for good as the Abattoir remains ablaze. 

Leon takes Mendez's false eye and after reuniting with Ashley, returns to the retinal-scanning gate that leads out of the village. The pair arrive outside a grand castle and, after deroading a Ganado truck driver, are chased into the castle by a huge mob of villagers. Leon and Ashley ultimately escape the horde by heading into the gatehouse and raising the drawbridge which also means the pair have no choice but to press forward by investigating the castle. 


After the cabin fight with Luis Sera, you have two huge doors, the left one leads you to a fight with two Chainsaw Sisters escorted by a horde of Ganados, the right leads you to another El Gigante.


Right after entering the area, a villager will alert others of your arrival; shoot the carriage to dispose of them. You can alternatively shoot them without touching the barrels, as there's a battle coming up. Proceed to dispatch the Ganados here, then go upstairs. Order Ashley to HIDE and take out the remaining opposition.

Knock down the stairs, then drop down the ledge where the last Ganado was and get ready. After a cutscene, you'll be put against the two of the Chainsaw Sisters. Quickly run to the stairs and get up, wary of the Ganados upstairs. Knock down the ladders to slow down the sisters and, after clearing away nearby Ganados, attack them. If they manage to reach the ladder, simply kick it back down. Weapons like the TMP, Shotgun and Grenades are highly recommended when tackling the sisters.

After the Sisters are dead, CALL OUT Ashley. Pick up the Ruby and the Camp Key, then open the red door. If you want some loot, go through the door, next to the red one, break the window open & search for the Red Gem in the barrels to mix it with the Elegant Mask. Remember to search ammo downstairs! Afterwards, leave. Get ready as a lot of Ganados will come out of the shacks. Use grenades to kill several of them, and if Plagas come off their neck, ready the flash-bangs. After the area's clear, pick up the ammo left by the enemies, then unbar the green door - Exit.

If you want to save the time, this is the preferable path. However, you'll encounter an El Gigante. Hard for newcomers, seasoned veterans will know where to lure the creature before shooting a wooden stand above him. This releases a boulder, which breaks his back; killing him. Usually El Gigante will not die from this. Kick down the chains to the door and escape again. You can either run away entirely or try to kill El Gigante. It is normally not as easy to just "break his back." A good way to win the fight is to use the rocks to stun El Gigante then when he recovers throw a hand grenade to really pack a punch. After this use your TMP or Shotgun on his head for damage. When the parasite comes out use your rifle to shoot it. Continue doing this until you kill El Gigante; this takes a couple of tries and usually your TMP needs to have 100 rounds for this to work.

This path also contains the Purple Gem for the elegant mask. Halfway through this area, there is a bucket hanging overhead. Shoot it and the purple gem will fall out.


After surviving the 2 paths of doom, go to the house near the Merchant & pick the grenades here, plus a Document. After that, check the large wooden door with a face on it - what could a retinal scanner be for? Proceed to the lifts at the left, then board one of them. A few Ganados will be here too, either on platforms or in other lifts. If a Ganado boards your ride, he'll try to destroy the support above the lift & bring you down. If this happens, a well placed shot will send him down the crevice. After the ride, go inside the cabin & pick whatever ammo or grenades are. Exit & proceed downhill. If you got enough cash, upgrade your weapons with the Merchant, and if you can, get an RPG. Pick the ammo here & save. Continue down the path & head to the door, and into the barn.

Bitores Mendez (boss)

When you enter the structure you'll be faced with a quick time event, if you fail you die. Now after watching how Mendez kicks the crap out of Leon using a move definitely not related from Nemesis, and now after narrowly surviving his grasp of doom you'll now face Mendez in his Plaga form, the fact he twisted the handles on the door pretty much means there's no escape. You won't have to worry about most of Mendez's moves except his Thrust which can result into an instant kill move if not dodged.

First Form

Quickly sprint up the ladder and here it will be easier to fight Mendez, Don't fire your rockets yet on this stage as you won't have to because he is plain easy. To attack Mendez from here, you'll have to time your advances from left-right and center positions. When he extends himself that means he will attack that side, now be quick and change position and then unload all ordnance at his spine, I recommend using your TMP or Sniper Rifle for this encounter. Save the shotgun at the bottom of your list since shotgun ain't too good at medium range. Also don't worry, he won't switch positions while he's stabbing that position, when he stops just repeat the cycle until he goes into his 2nd form

Second Form

After his torso separates, he will be a little more dangerous, as targeting him will be a wee bit harder because he is a little agile and you will be perfectly vulnerable to his killer thrust shot. However, now is the prime time to bring your rockets out. If you have a rocket on, throw a flash bang to stun him. He won't exactly stay on the place he landed on, but he will fall to the ground where he will be slower as he crawls. Align your sight at him and let 'em have it! If you do not have a rocket on you, just unload on him using any fast firing and/or powerful weapon you got and evade his Thrusts as much as possible. The TMP/Shotgun and Grenades are recommended for this fight. When he dies a part of the barn will collapse. That's your ticket out of there! Grab his False Eye and other supplies you didn't get before and jump out of there. Be careful though, since you cannot return once you left the place.


Return to the main area & head towards the door with the retinal scanner, then use Mendez' false eye to open it. Move. Uphill is a group of Ganados; ignore them & continue. As you reach the top of the hill, a crazed villager will start a truck & drive downhill, nailing the Ganado turf along the way. Whip out the sniper & kill the driver with a headshot or simply use other weapon to fire away at the engine. Either way, the truck will derail & flip over. Pick the 5,500 Peseta reward left by the driver & continue uphill—a crowd of villagers will come out from behind, use a grenade to kill (possibly most of) them or run. Break the barrels at the left to find ammo & a Velvet Blue, then continue towards the castle.

Further notes

After you destroyed the truck before the end of the chapter, if you face at the doors while walking backwards, Ganados won't appear, unless you quick turned or face in different directions.

It is possible to complete both the Ganado and El Gigante routes and indeed this is required to obtain both treasures; simply backtrack after collecting one treasure and head back to the Cabin area to go through the other.



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