Episode 2-3 ending (tentative) is the scene that plays in the end of "Chapter 2-3, during the Village stage of Resident Evil 4.


Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham are chased by Ganado reinforcements and, rather than wait for the second helicopter, are forced to cross a drawbridge into a castle.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from ghiaccio.sakura.ne.jp.[1]

Leon S. Kennedy: "On the other side of the bridge!"
Ashley Graham: "Yeah!"
Leon: "You take that one."
Ashley: "Okay."
Leon: "Ready?"
Leon: "Come on."
Ashley: "Yeah."

Leon: "アシュリー 急ぐんだ "
Ashley: "ええ"
Leon: "そっちを頼む"
Ashley: "わかったわ"
Leon: "いくぞ"
Leon: "行こう"
Ashley: "ええ "


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