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Episode 2-3 ending (tentative) is the scene that plays in the end of "Chapter 2-3," during the Village stage of Resident Evil 4.


Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley Graham found themselves being pursued by a group of Ganado reinforcements, and despite waiting for a second helicopter to extract them, they were left with no choice but to seek refuge in a nearby castle. In a frantic attempt to escape, they quickly made their way across a drawbridge that led to the castle's entrance. Once across, they sprang into action, using two chain operators to raise the drawbridge and effectively cutting off the Ganados' pursuit.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Leon S. Kennedy: "On the other side of the bridge!"
Ashley Graham: "Yeah!"
Leon: "You take that one."
Ashley: "Okay."
Leon: "Ready?"
Leon: "Come on."
Ashley: "Yeah."

Leon: "アシュリー 急ぐんだ "
Ashley: "ええ"
Leon: "そっちを頼む"
Ashley: "わかったわ"
Leon: "いくぞ"
Leon: "行こう"
Ashley: "ええ "


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