Chapter 2: Rescue Luis Sera is the second part of Resident Evil 4's "Separate Ways" alternate side-story.


Reading a book about the villagers in the home of Bitores Mendez, Ada gets a call from Wesker to inform her that the researcher they planted, Luis Sera, has been captured by Mendez and is being held in a house on the other side of the village. Until he obtains the control plaga sample for them, he cannot be allowed to die. Ada remarks that Sera is quite high-maintenance, and sets out to rescue him.

After fighting her way through the village, including Dr. Salvador, Ada arrives at the house only to find that Leon has also been captured, and that the Ganados are moving both prisoners to the valley.

Racing back, Ada arrives at the chief's house just in time to save Leon from a quick death. However, this causes Mendez to chase after her instead. Eventually, Ada is tranquilized and captured.

A few hours later, Ada wakes up just in time to avoid a grisly death at the end of a Ganado's axe during an Illuminado sacrifice. She makes her way up to the lift control room, to discover that she needs a key to activate the gondola lift. She goes to the barn where, in a few hours, Leon will face off against Chief Mendez. For now though, there are only a few villagers, including a second Bella Sister, who is possession of the key Ada needs to advance. Defeating her opponents, Ada uses to lift and proceeds on.

However, there is one last obstacle in her way: El Gigante. Either by fighting or fleeing, Ada gets past the monster, arriving just after the siege on the cabin has ended. Luis informs her that he's on his way to get the sample. He asks her who she works for, and she replies that there are things he's better off not knowing. He says he doesn't really care who she is, as long as she gets rid of Saddler and the Los Illuminados.


Further notes

  • A Ganado (known as "Don Manuel" in the localization) is seen with Leon's jacket.
  • The ganado seen with Leon's jacket uses a voice associated with another villager (known as "Don Diego" in the localization).
  • It is impossible to reach the valley beyond the well, despite it being on the map.
  • It is rather odd that Ada can't use the grapple gun on the red double doors, but she can on the green ones. This is probably done to avoid a long fight with ganados, seeing as there were already a massive amount on the lower levels of the lift to fight.
  • If Ada drops any treasure into the manure pools, she will not be able to grab it.
  • The player can't access the house that Luis and Leon are captive in until the villagers and Mendez leave.
  • The bridge above has bars on it (possibly to prevent the player from venturing into the cabin area prior to the capture, however in Leon's story the bars are gone.



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