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Chapter 3-1 is the seventh level of Resident Evil 4.


After fighting their way to the castle, Leon and Ashley meet Luis again, who has something, but it was lost. Luis tells them that something is the drug that'll stop their convulations from coughing up blood (which they are infected with the Plagas). Luis can go back and get it while Leon and Ashley proceed inside the castle.


Head forward to find the Merchant. Before you go shopping though, go ahead and search through the barrels around the room. Behind the Merchant's shed is a treasure chest with 5,000 Pesetas in it. Watch out for the snake.

The Merchant's got some new weapons for you. First, though, pick up the larger Attache Case, and the Treasure Map of the Castle. Among the weapons there is the Broken Butterfly, but you can get it for free at the beginning of Chapter 4; either way, it's a must have for later battles, as it can potentially be the most powerful gun in the game. Trade in the Punisher for the Blacktail, and if you've upgraded the Punisher this'll be a net gain of money for you too. Ditto with the Shotgun for the Riot Gun. Trading in the Rifle for the Semi-Auto Rifle is also a good investment.

Once you're done shopping, head up the stairs and through the door. Head down the path, and grab the Rifle Ammo sitting on the box. You'll see some robed Ganados up on the landing, so snipe them then head up the stairs to the right. As you get to the top, the catapults around the arena will start to fire at you. Move straight ahead along the wall, and shoot the red barrel by the catapult all the way to the west.

Grab the Spinel from the wreckage of the gazebo, then look to the southwest. There's another catapult there, and from the northwest edge of the gazebo you can just about snipe the red barrel to take out the Ganados manning it. Head down into the area to the south, and grab the Velvet Blue, an Incendiary Grenade, and some Pesetas from the room with the cannon.

Now, head up the stairs to the west, and take out the north catapult if it hasn't already blown itself up. Head into the area to the south, then take out the Ganado in the shack and stash Ashley there; the Ganado here has a mask on, so headshots are out. Grab the Yellow Herb from the chest, then head outside and snipe the catapults to the north; the one to the northeast doesn't have a convenient exploding barrel, so you'll just have to headshot its operator. There's a couple more robed Ganados wandering around, so take them out as well.

Once the area's cleared, grab the Gold Bangle from the treasure chest in the southwest corner, collect Ashley, and head over to the top of the tower in the east. Use the crank there to lift up the cannon, then fire it to destroy the gate blocking your way. Head through, and you'll find the Merchant again.

Through the door you'll see another cutscene. Once you regain control, head forward and grab the Platinum Sword. Grab the Handgun Ammo from the table, and some Pesetas from the cabinet, then head up the stairs. Take out the Ganados there, and watch out because one of them might be a new type of head tentacle that can kill you in one shot.

As you explore the upper level, more Ganados will come up the stairs after you. Hole up in the southeast corner of the room and snipe them as they come up, and watch out for the head biters. Once the grunts are dead, head back downstairs and kill the one in the red robe.

In the northwest corner of the upper floor, grab the Golden Sword and replace it with the Platinum Sword, then put the gold one downstairs where you got the Platinum Sword, then head through the door.

Head forward, and you'll see Luis in a cutscene. Once he leaves, head west through the door. A half dozen Ganados with maces will come at you, so fight them off; use the door as a choke point to keep them back if you need to, and again watch out for headbiters. Stash Ashley in the little house there for now, and take out the guy with the crossbow on the overpass. Head through, and a pair of Ganados with shields will come at you; blow the shields away with a shotgun, then finish them with the pistol. Alternatively, you can put a headshot right through the shield with the Rifle.

Call Ashley over to you, then head into the room the shield guys were guarding. Grab the items from the barrels, then the Castle Gate Key from the treasure chest. Some Ganados will attack you, so blast the exploding barrel at an opportune moment to thin them out, then finish them off however you'd like; you'll have to shoot the barrel quick, because these guys come sprinting into the room.

Now head back to the gate, unlock it, and head through. Head forward, and you'll see a cutscene with your Napoleonic nemesis, Salazar. Once he's gone, turn around and shoot the shining spot up on the wall to get a Green Gem, then head forward and a wall will block the path to the north. Save at the typewriter, then head to the east through the door.

Grab the Incendiary Grenade from one of the barrels, and the handgun ammo on one of the chairs, then head to the east and find the note about Luis, then a Yellow Herb in one of the barrels nearby. Head through the doorway toward the fires, and grab the Prison Key hanging from the painting.

Head back to the prison door, unlock it, and head down, leaving Ashley upstairs. Grab a Green Herb from the north side of the room, near one of the bells, then approach the cage. Open it up, then take a step forward to wake up the Garrador.

"Tip on Killing the Garrador"

There will be a parasite on his back, you need to shoot that in order to kill him. Shooting anything else will result in very little damage and not effect him due to his armour. Try to shoot him as far as possible. If he is by you, don't run, because he can hear your movements very well. If you run, he will chase you, his 2 moves are

1. Running at you and slashing wildly in an enraged attempt to hit you.

2. Running straight towards you and stabbing you, effectively scalping you and then stabbing you, resulting in an instant kill. However, if he misses you and hits a wall, you can use this moment to shoot him with a powerful gun in his parasite, causing lots of damage.

Now once he's dead, collect the cash from his corpse, call down Ashley, and flip the switch near where he was first tied down. Head back up the stairs, and some Ganados will approach from the fire hallway, so take them out. Two of them will attack directly, while three will be waiting for you beyond the flamethrowers. One of these throws dynamite, so use him to take out the others, who are wielding crossbows. There's one more waiting to ambush you beyond those three, but he should be easy enough to take out.

Once the coast is clear, head forward into the next room. You'll be attacked by another bunch of Ganados, including a red cloaked one, and some with shields. Head up either the right or left path, and use the shotgun to knock anyone out of your way for now until you reach the small room all the way to the north. Fight your way inside, then use the doorway as a bottleneck to fend off the others.

You'll find some Shotgun Shells in here, as well as a Green Herb. After you kill a bunch of them, a couple more shield and mace wielders will show up, so take them out as well. Once you're satisfied that the ground troops are taken care of, head back outside and take care of the guys with the crossbows.

In the pots littered around the main room you'll find more ammo, including Shotgun Shells, a Grenade, some Handgun Ammo, and some Incendiary Grenades. Once everyone's been cleared out, return to the small room, and have Ashley stand on one of the yellow panels, while you stand on the other. More Ganados will come at you from outside when you do.

Take them out, then bring Ashley over to the crank in the middle of the room and have her activate it. Cover her as she does, then take out the four Scythe wielding Ganados that come down the stairs; watch out if they throw the scythe at you. As you head north, Ashley will point out the cranks on the upper levels. Before you send her to them, though, go to the urns at the far end of the room to collect some Rifle Ammo and Shotgun Shells.

Now, bring Ashley over to either of the cranks, and help her up. Head back to where you just picked up the ammo and use the rifle to cover her; also pay attention to your own surroundings, as Ganados will attack you as well as her. You should have plenty of ammo for the TMP by now, so use that to dissuade anyone who tries to pick a fight with you. Once she's used both cranks, go over and get her down, and finish off whatever Ganados are left. Hop across the pathway, and head into the next area. In the northeast corner of the first area, break the glass and open the treasure chest for a Grenade. In the corner by the Merchant, there's some Handgun Ammo on the shelf, some Shotgun Shells, and a Green Herb in the urns. One of the upside down statues has a spinel in its eye, so shoot it out and collect it.

The door to his left has a firing range inside. You play for bottle caps, and the big prizes are artwork of the different characters in the game. It costs you nothing to play, and you don't use your own ammo for it, so go ahead if you want.

Once you've had your fun, head back outside and head north for a cutscene, at the end of which you'll be separated from Ashley, and Chapter 3-1 will end.



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