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Episode 3-1 ending (tentative) is a cutscene that plays in the end of "Chapter 3-1", during the Castle stage of Resident Evil 4.


In one of the hallways, Ashley suffers coughing, one of the symptoms of Las Plagas infection. When Leon asks if she is alright, she bolts away and spiked blockades separate her from Leon. Then clamps within a wall restrain Ashley and the wall turns away while Leon promises to get her as quickly as he can.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Leon S. Kennedy: Are you all right?

Ashley Graham: I'm fine! Leave me alone!

Leon: Ashley, wait!

Ashley: What's going on?!

Leon: Don't worry, Ashley! I'm coming for ya!

Leon S. Kennedy: 大丈夫か

Ashley Graham: 放っといてよ!

Ashley: どういうこと?

Leon: すぐ助けに行くから待ってろ


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