Chapter 3-1 radio conversation (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 4. It plays at the start of Chapter 3-1.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Ingrid Hannigan: "Leon, what's your current location?"

Leon S. Kennedy: "We decided to lay low in a castle, but it looks like it was a bad move."

Hannigan: "Meaning?"

Leon: "Well it appears that this castle's also connected with the Los Illuminados. They must not get many visitors cuz they're giving me one hell of a welcome."

Hannigan: "Sounds bad. I have an idea, Leon. I need you to--"

Leon: "What? Repeat, Hunnigan."
"Great. Just my luck."

Ingrid Hannigan: "レオン    現在位置を報告して"

Leon S. Kennedy: "古城に逃げ込んだんだが…"
"失敗だったな "

Hannigan: "どういう事?"

Leon: "この城の連中も教団イルミナドスと繋がっているらしい"


Hannigan: "まずい状況みたいね"

Leon: "どうした    ハニガン?"
"くそっ こんな時に故障か?"


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