Chapter 3-2 radio conversation 2 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 4.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Ramon Salazar: "Mr. Kennedy. Still alive I see."
"So, do you like my garden?"

Leon S. Kennedy: "I see you've managed to work in a little of your twisted taste here too."

Salazar: "Sagacious as I am, even I get lost here sometimes."
"Even if it takes your whole life, you'll never get out."
"Do you know that no one dies without a cause?"
"You will satisfy the stomachs of my cute pets."
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to tie up a few loose ends."
"Like chasing down a couple of rats."

Leon: "Two rats...?"
"If one's Luis... Who's the other?"
"There an intruder besides me?"

Ramon Salazar: "Mr.ケネディ    まだ生きてましたか?"
"どうです ゼッケーの庭でしょう?"

Leon S. Kennedy: "お前の歪んだ性格が現れているな"

Salazar: "その庭は    私でも迷うほどです"
"貴方では抜け出す事は ムリでしょう"
"大人しく私の可愛いペットの 餌になりなさい"
"こっちは二匹のネズミを追いまわすので忙しくてね では失礼しますよ "

Leon: "二匹のネズミ…?"
"一人はルイスだとして…他にも侵入者がいるって事か? "


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