Chapter 3-3 is the eighth level of Resident Evil 4.


After his run-in with Ada Wong, Leon S. Kennedy continues his search for the missing Ashley Graham. Heading through an elaborate dining room, he solves a bizarre puzzle to unlock a near, having to shoot at a bottle of red wine in a painting. This proves to be a trap, however, and he quickly finds himself trapped in a cage with a Garrador. Following this close-quarters encounter, Leon battles a larger group of Cultists in the Gallery, where Salazar keeps his prized possessions. Escaping the Ganados, he finally reaches the Concourse where Ashley is being kept prisoner. Wandering around, Leon is greeted by Dr. Luis Sera, who has retrieved the strange object he lost in Chapter 3-1. This happy moment is quickly wiped away, when Luis is stabbed from behind by a blade-like bone attached to a long tentacle, grown from the Plaga in Prophet Osmund Saddler's body. As he has the "sample" back, he no longer has an excuse to keep him a prisoner. As Luis lays dying, he reveals to Leon that he was in fact a scientist, not a cop, and was working against Saddler while creating the Plagas for him. He warns Leon with his dying breath that he must retrieve the sample - a Plaga egg.



Once you regain control, loot the room to find some Pesetas and an Incendiary Grenade,there will be a Spinal on the ceiling above the bed. Then head into the Merchant's room to find a memo about Ada, and check the armoire to the Merchant's right for a Mirror w/ Pearls & Rubies. Sell off whatever treasures you've got, except the Elegant Mask, as you'll be able to finish it later. Upgrade what you can, then save and head through the door.

Dining hall

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Head down the hallway, and grab the Handgun Ammo and Green Herb from the table, and the Shotgun Shells from the urn. Read the writing on the walls to get a hint to the next puzzle, then head down the hallway to the south.

This small room houses some ammo and Green Herbs, and you can also unlock the door here to make yourself a bit of a shortcut for later. Once you've looted the room (watch out for a snake in one of the urns), head back to the previous room. In the southeast corner is a little bell you can ring; do so, then shoot the wine bottle in the picture.

This will open up the bars blocking the next room, so head inside and approach the chest. The cage in here will drop down, and you'll be attacked by a bunch of Ganados and a Garrador, which will drop right next to you. First thing's first: Blast the lock on one of the doors to the cage and get some distance between yourself and the Garrador.

Use the shotgun to hold the Ganados at bay, and lay into the Garrador whenever he gives you the opportunity. It's possible, if you're quick to get out, to trap him in the cage, by running to the side you didn't open. He's blind, and not smart enough like the Ganados to go around, so he won't be able to reach you so long as there's a wall between you, and you can pick him off at your leisure.

Once they're taken care of, grab the Hourglass w/ gold decor from the chest, and there's a flash grenade in a display case to the side if you need it. Head through the doorway to the south, and head back toward the bell to find some Magnum Ammo, then head through the door to the east.


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Head forward slowly, and you'll see another meeting of Ganados; they're not packed in enough to make it worth using a grenade, so take them out the old fashioned way. Watch out for a new type of head parasite here. This one will leap off the Ganado's shoulder when it goes down, and pursue you like a small bug. Blast it with the shotgun to keep it down.

Take out the ones in the first section, then use the switch the two red ones were guarding to raise up the walkway in the middle of the room, letting you get to the second half of the room. Blast the Ganados in here, then grab all the ammo you can from the central display case; it's worth it here to make some room for the RPG in the center of the case, which will come in handy a bit later.

Once you're all ready and armed, head through the door to the east, and down the hallway. Down this way is the Merchant, and if you grabbed the Rocket Launcher, you'll definitely want to pick up the next size Attache Case. Once you've got it, save and head through the door for a cutscene to end Chapter 3-3.



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