Chapter 3-4 is the ninth level of Resident Evil 4.


After proceed to the next room, Leon saw Ashley, trapped. He managed to break her free. After rescue, he spotted the Cult, that will capture Ashley again. Leon fight them off to protect her.




You start the chapter by having to save Ashley from her restraints

Once again you regain control, head around the room and collect the Handgun Ammo and a bunch of Rifle Ammo and a Spinel in some urns. Behind the picture of Saddler is some Pesetas. Once you've looted the room, go to the overhang in the center and use the Rifle to free Ashley.

Once she's out, some Ganados will attack her. Cover her with the Rifle and shoot anyone who gets close. There will be a couple with crossbows who'll shoot at you, so take them out quickly. Take out the one in red and Ashley will take his key and flee the room.

You'll take control of Ashley at this point. First, save. You'll notice Ashley doesn't have any weapons, so you're going to be mostly running away from enemies at this point. Check the northeast corner of the room for a Yellow Herb, and find a Spinel on the floor near where you entered, then head through the hallway.

There's a Ganado by the fireplace here. Avoid him, and head south. You'll find three lanterns scattered about, which you can use to kill him. You'll need all three to do it, so try not to miss, and try not to get caught in the flames yourself. Ashley can also crawl under tables to avoid the Ganados, so use that to your advantage. In fact, if you want to avoid fighting the first one, you can crawl under the bookcase and through a hole in the southwest corner of the room. Once he's dead, grab the Green Herb on the table and use the crank in the corner of the room to open the gate, and head through.

There's another Ganado here, so use the lanterns to kill it, then again use the cranks on either side to open the gate and head through. Grab the Red Herb, then head to the left, and search the room to find a note from the Butler on a counter, some Handgun Ammo, a Spinel, and a Velvet Blue in the drawers of the desks.

Now head to the door to the right of that first fork. Grab the Green Herb, then push the dresser to the side to reach a switch, and use it. Crawl under the table to the left of the door, and press the switch here too. Go through the gate that just opened, and grab the Stone Tablet from under the painting. Use the switch nearby, then head under the gate it opens and press the switch behind the dresser again.

Head through the now open gates, grab the Pesetas from inside the armoire, and a Velvet Blue from the desk, then head through the door. Grab the Spinel from the desk, and head down the hallway past all the suits of armor. In the room at the end, check the center console, and move the pieces in the center until they form a picture.

The puzzle is beaten as follows:

L, BL, B, BR, R, UR, U, UL, L, BL, B, BR

Once it's completed, use the Stone Tablet to complete the picture, and the nearby locked door will open. Head through, and grab the Salazar Family Insignia from the suit of armor on the wall, and pick up a Gold Bangle from the chest opposite the doorway. Then, grab the Serpent Ornament from the chest that appears.

The suits of armor from the previous room will come to live and attack you. There's no way for you to fight them, so run around them and flee back the way you came. As you go back up the hallway, the suits of armor will be posed ready to attack. As you approach them, there'll be a quicktime event to dodge their attacks. Head back to the area where you found the Butler's note.

Use the Insignia on the crank in the west end of the room, then turn it to open the way out. Head up the ladder, then grab the Pesetas to the right. Follow the hallway around, and go through the door at the end for a scene. That'll take care of Chapter 3-4.


  • In the Gamecube version of the game, Ashley can suplex if an enemy is on his knees. To do this go to the room with the Butler's Note and make sure the door is shut. When he's knocking push the door open, if he falls on his knees suplex him.
  • If you take the Salazar Family Insignia the door behind you will shut until you take the Serpent Ornament.
  • This is the only level where Ashley can descend a ladder; ironically, this ladder is one of the tallest ladders.
  • In the Japanese versions of the game, the segment when controlling Ashley will be in 3rd person view camera angles similar to the older Resident Evil games, specifically CODE: Veronica due to being dynamic. It's also worth noting that the first cancelled version of Biohazard 4 utilized a similar dynamic camera system, as opposed to "Over the shoulder" seen in the final game.



  • When Leon frees Ashley in the cutscene, several Ganados will appear, but when the cutscene ends only a few will be seen.
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