Chapter 3-4 is the ninth level of Resident Evil 4.


After proceed to the next room, Leon saw Ashley, trapped. He managed to break her free. After rescue, he spotted the Cult, that will capture Ashley again. Leon fight them off to protect her.




You start the chapter by having to save Ashley from her restraints

The level starts with Leon on the second floor of the Concourse, with Ashley trapped on the first. No enemies spawn in this room until all three arms holding Ashley are destroyed, so it is wise to collect any items on this floor first.

When Ashley is freed, Cultists will enter the room, forcing the player to kill a number of them quickly to prevent Ashley's capture. Some of them are armed with Crossbows, meaning it may sometimes be wiser to take out enemies further away from Ashley.

A red-clad Cultist carries a key. When he is killed, Ashley will take the key and escape the room.


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As Ashley, you must open gates in the Study to escape the Cultists.

The player controls Ashley while exploring the Study. Separated from Leon, she does not have access to his weapons and must start anew. Cultists are present in this room, and must be avoided. Certain objects can be picked up and thrown at the Cultists to kill them, but they may dodge.

This room is split into sections due to metal gates being lowered. Some sections, the player can crawl through a hatchway to get to, but others they must rotate the cranks, exposing themselves to the Cultists.

When the double-gated section is unlocked, head down. There are two rooms to explore. One is an enclave of the Study where the Butler's Memo and a pedestal can be found. The other is the door to the Storeroom.


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This room involves a picture puzzle.

The storeroom is blocked off by a series of metal gates which must be raised or lowered sequentially by switches to open up a path. The Stone Tablet can be taken from under a painting during this progress.

The next section is a dark corridor containing suits of armour, leading on to a larger room with a pedestal in the middle. The pedestal displays the Salazar coat of arms in the form of a puzzle, with the tables displaying the picture being disorganised. The image must be created in this order, moving the following titles: Middle Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Right, Upper Right, Upper Middle, Upper Left, Middle Left, Bottom Left, Bottom, Bottom Right. When the image shown in the thumbnail on this page appears, the Stone Tablet can be inserted to complete the puzzle.

Another section of the Storeroom is opened with the completion of the puzzle. In the new room, the Salazar Family Insignia can be picked up along with a Gold Bangle, and the Serpent Ornament. If you take the Salazar Family Insignia first the door behind you will shut until you take the Serpent Ornament. After obtaining the Serpent Ornament, the suits of armour will come to life and march towards Ashley. Lacking any weapons, the player must escape from them. The suits at the end of the corridor will perform QTE attacks. Escape the Storeroom to halt their advance.


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Rotate the pedestal to escape the Study.

Back in the Study, head into the enclave with the Butler's Memo, and insert the Salazar Family Insignia into the pedestal. This will allow it to be turned, opening a doorway with a ladder on the other side. Head up the ladder to get back to the Concourse.

Further notes

  • In the Gamecube version of the game, Ashley can suplex if an enemy is on his knees. To do this go to the room with the Butler's Note and make sure the door is shut. When he's knocking push the door open, if he falls on his knees suplex him.
  • This is the only level where Ashley can descend a ladder; ironically, this ladder is one of the tallest ladders.
  • In the Japanese versions of the game, the segment when controlling Ashley will be in 3rd person view camera angles similar to the older Resident Evil games, specifically CODE:Veronica due to being dynamic. It's also worth noting that the first cancelled version of Biohazard 4 utilized a similar dynamic camera system, as opposed to "Over the shoulder" seen in the final game.
  • When Leon frees Ashley in the cutscene, several Ganados will appear, but when the cutscene ends only a few will be seen.




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