Chapter 3: Retrieve The Sample is the third part of Resident Evil 4's "Separate Ways", side-story.


The chapter begins with Ada revealing herself to Leon, and escaping into the hedge maze. Wesker calls her with important news: Luis has gotten his hands on the sample. Ada is to track him down and obtain it from him. Additionally, if Ada encounters Leon, she's to take him out. He's a survivor of Raccoon City, Wesker says, and they can do without the distraction.

The sudden arrival of the cultists hampers somewhat Ada's efforts to escape the maze, but she makes it with little difficulty. Making her way through the castle, including a fight with a Garrador, Ada stumbles upon Leon, unable to help him, as she'll have to kill him if he sees her.

Eventually, she arrives at the meeting point, only to witness Saddler kill Luis and take back the sample. Wesker calls, telling her that they might be able to use Leon as a distraction to harass Saddler and his men. Unbeknownst to Wesker, Ada's been doing that all along.




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