Chapter 4-1 is the tenth level of Resident Evil 4.


After the reunion, Leon was interrupted by Salazar and having conversation with him. Leon and Ashley must continue own their forwards in the castle.



First, go back to the tower (the area before chapter 3-2's end) and have Ashley piggyback, so she can unlock the door. You will find several important items, including a BROKEN BUTTERFLY! Then go back to Luis' death place and enter the double doors. You will enter the Transport Room but before going to the cart, you have to get the Lion ornament to finish the puzzle in Chapter 3-1. Go to the transportation passing the lava then enter the door. In this part you will encounter lots of enemies and 3 dragon statues breathing fire. Kill the driver and grab the item in the chest that appears, then cross the circular spinning platform. You will encounter the last dragon statue and now there will be a lot of enemies bothering you while you kill the driver. Open the chest to receive an Illuminados Pendant. After you kill the driver the stairs in the lava will come up and give you access to the chest containing the Lion Ornament. Now make your way back, and enter the cart with Ashley. When the first cart ride is over, check for items in the room. Then go back to the puzzle area and place all the ornaments you've collected (you should have 3). Grab all the items around (including 5000 pesetas behind a picture of Saddler). Then go to the door in the center. Then enter the 2nd cart and after you ride it check all the items in the "end of the 2nd cart" room (including an unknown picture wielding 5000 pesetas behind it). After that,you'll find a save point and the 2nd submission Merchant (you'll get many pesetas for collecting all bottle caps). Now are you in Easy Mode or Normal/Professional Mode?

Easy Mode

Enter the door on your left, and push the 2 statues on the floor switches and have Ashley and you step on the other switches. When the door opens, you meet Salazar again, which triggers the ceiling to start lowering towards you. Shoot the four red lights on the ceiling to stop it from killing you. When you and Ashley pass the next hallway, Ashley will be trapped and a drill machine is going to appear and it is headed for her. Shoot the drivers on the drill machine with the rifle. This will trigger the gate to open and Ashley can come through. After that, get the Queen's grail and go back to the save point and enter the center path and there should be Cultists waiting for you so kill them all. A good method is to use an incendiary grenade to weaken a large portion of the group. After you take care of them shoot the treasures down from the statues. Place the queen's grail on the queen statue and the door will open.

Normal or Professional Mode


The Armadura fight does not happen on Easy mode.

In professional mode you have to get both the king's grail and the queen's grail. First, take the queen's grail by following the steps in the Easy Mode section. After you get the Queen's grail, go to the door on your right and statues of armor will attack you so be prepared to dodge. Tell Ashley to wait because the next area is very dangerous. Grab the king's grail in the center of the room, and 6 statues of armor will attack you (first 3 then another 3). When the wall flips and the knights appear, go to one of them and shoot it in the head with your shotgun, a plagas should appear. Move around and then try to headshot the rest of them with your shotgun. The second group of knights should appear after you kill all three, just repeat the process. When you've killed all of them, the door should open and you can return to Ashley. Now go back to where the king and queen statues are, and place the grails on their appropriate statues.

After that you go through another hallway. Now when you move forward, a cutscene will show that Ashley is captured by a flying novistador and flying Novistadores will attack you. Take care of them with your shotgun. If you are conserving ammo, shoot them when they are hovering over the abyss, it will only take 1 or 2 shots. Activate the switch; then shoot the chains so the bridge will fall in place. You can also shoot down the large nest in the center of this room to make it fall and drop a bunch of Novistadores eyes, and there should be at least one blue. If you want to conserve your ammo, however, since the nest takes quite a lot of ammo, you can just ignore it. Pass over the bridge and enter the door. There is a merchant and a save point here.

Don't cross the bridge yet, use your rifle to shoot down a Cultist on the top of the tower. This should prevent the Cultist from alerting a group of other Cultists to use a catapult. Cross the bridge for a cutscene, then go up the stairs and some Cultists are going to appear. It should be easy to finish them off. Enter the tower. There are no enemies in here yet, so for now, you are safe. First, jump down and get all of the items here. Then climb up to the second floor, here you should be able to shoot a wooden block that is jamming the gears. Then go to the top floor and you should be able to shoot 2 more wooden jammers. Activate the switch to change the bridge's position. A few arrow shooting Cultists will come in, these guys shouldn't be a problem. As you go down, you will see that there are a couple of scythe wielding Cultists near the big door at the base of the tower, take care of them. Then exit the tower.

3 shield Cultists will be slowly walking towards you from the other side of the bridge, take care of these guys however you want. Then when you pass a certain point on the bridge, a large group of Cultists will come out from the castle and other Cultists will block the other side of the bridge. It's a good idea to focus on the larger group in front of you as one of the Cultists has a rocket launcher. A grenade will take too long, so use the shotgun and aim in the general direction of the rocket launcher guy. Keep on shooting until there are a group of them lying around, then throw a grenade or incendiary grenade to really weaken them. Now focus your attention on the other Cultists (the ones on the other side of the bridge), who by now are pretty close to you. They should be pretty simple to finish off. After you are sure there is no threat from the rocket launcher, take care of the rest of them. Then enter the door.

2 garradors and 2 Cultists are waiting for you inside. Moving forward will trigger gates to come down and block the door behind you, but if you turn around now, you can exit. If you use a rifle to headshot a Cultist with the gates still up, you can turn around, leave, and reenter to find the remaining enemies "reset"– they will be motionless in their starting positions. Take out each Cultist this way, and you will be facing motionless garridors with no one else in the room.

Don't move past those stairs yet, as doing so will spawn additional Cultists behind you. Fire a shot to bring the garradors towards you, and kill them by walking from one side to another using your rifle to shoot their weak spots. This tactic will ignore the bells in the room. After you are done with the garradors, pick up the 15,000 pesetas from their bodies and the green herb. When you move past the stairs, the Cultists which appear will be much easier to dispose of now that the garradors are dead. Grab all of the items in this room. Then move on.

PS. This room is difficult only because it is difficult to kill the Cultists with the garradors around, so taking care of the garradors before causing the arrival of more Cultists is better. Using the method above will make this room a lot easier. It is best to use the Broken Butterfly on the Garradors especially on Professional mode but if you're feeling real unlucky you can use the Rocket Launcher as soon as you enter the room on the Garradors.

Grab the 2 spinels from the statues, then look for any more items, then move on.

There will be a cutscene where Salazar will make you fall to sharp rocks so press the buttons quickly or Leon will die. After you survived, a communication with Salazar will show you that you will meet a boss afterwards, his right-hand man. Buy the Striker from the merchant and look around the room for items, you should find a King's Crown which will combine with other items later on and sell for a lot. Save your game. When you climb the ladder and enter the door, the boss fight starts.

Boss Fight

Here you will encounter Salazar's "right hand," Verdugo. As you proceed down the hallway, there will be a room to your right, to your left, and finally at the end of the long hall. You can skip both side doors and come back for their loot later. As you pass the first room (the room on your right), a cutscene will play, showing Verdugo damaging the door you just came through, rendering it impassable. If you chose to enter the first room, Verdugo may start attacking in this room, although, not usually. When he attacks, he will do so from the roof or the water, in the form of a quick time event. You can check the elevator, which will tell you it doesn't have power. On the table is a first aid spray and some Handgun Ammo. In the corner is a red tank full of liquid nitrogen. If he hasn't started attacking already, Verdugo will begin attacking as you pass the second room. In that room is another cryo tank and some TMP ammunition. There is also a cryo tank in the long hallway leading to the last room. In the final room there is some Shotgun ammunition on a console and a Green Herb in the back corner. In the other back corner there is a switch which provides power to the elevator. Once the elevator is activated, it will tell you that you have 4 minutes before it arrives and it will lock the room you are in with steel shutters. Activating the panel beside the now closed steel shutters will open them after about a minute and will start the boss fight in earnest.

Verdugo will descend from the roof to attack you, in person. You can chose to avoid him for four minutes and use the elevator to escape or you can chose to fight him. Verdugo will move between the roof and actually in the room, using both to attack you. Most of his attacks are dodgeable using the same quick time events as before, but some are not. He will also use a new move from the roof, which requires four simultaneous quick time presses to dodge. Verdugo cannot be damaged until Leon uses a liquid nitrogen tank to freeze him. He will still move but he does less damage, while frozen. He also will only stay frozen for about 10 seconds or until a certain damage threshold is reached, at which point another tank will have to be found. He also cannot be frozen while in the roof, water, or when out of range, so be careful to not waste liquid nitrogen. A common tactic is to use the Rocket Launcher on this fight, and to finish him off with the Broken Butterfly if he is still alive. He takes an enormous amount of damage to kill, making a normal fight impractical; however, killing him rewards Leon with a Crown Jewel, making him worth while to kill. Once Verdugo is dead, go to the elevator to end the chapter.



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