Chapter 4-2 is the tenth level of Resident Evil 5.



Worship Area

The Worship Area begins as a flight of stairs heading up to a glowing sphere that reflects sunlight from the hole in the cavern. The bridge heading to the next area, the Pyramid, is blocked off by a door that requires three insignias to be placed into it to lower. Two insignias are found are found on the west area - one in the north and one in the south - and a third on the east. However, the Ndipaya engineers are able to focus the sunlight into a laser-like beam that will kill or seriously wound Chris and Sheva if they touch it. Walkways heading north-south, along with the northernmost east-west walkway, run these beams sequentially and the player will have to make sure to go into corners to avoid it. The beam can in fact be disabled for the east, west or both sides. To prevent the beam being used on the east side, the player must reach the east-west walkway and shoot an Ndipaya standing by a bonfire from a platform on the far-east side. To disable the west beam, the player must go to the other end of the east-west walkway and kill a similar Ndipaya.

The Sea emblem is found in the south-west area. Crossing a wooden bridge over pond, the player will find the emblem nestled within an elaborate altar shaped like the human upper-body with wooden neck vertebrae and a skull-shaped 'face', against a bone fire mutant skulls can be found in. A group of Ndipaya led by a Giant Majini will surprise the player when approaching this emblem.

The earth emblem is in the east area in a similar style altar with a mutant skull over a bonfire. It is reached from an upper or lower walkway depending on how the player gets there (from the Pyramid bridge or from the east-west walkway).

The sky emblem is on the north-west side, accessible via the east-west walkway from either the Pyramid bridge or the earth emblem. Only Sheva can get this emblem, and must use an Assisted jump to get to it. Doing so triggers another Ndipaya attack, and she drops down an elevated area in the carnage.

When all three emblems are collected, the player can open access to the Pyramid bridge. Just above the double doors, the Diamond (Trilliant) can be shot down.


The Pyramid is a multi-storey room which requires the player to solve a light puzzle with the beams. The first floor consists essentially of a lobby with a staircase. Art on the east and west wall depicts the Ndipaya society in its prime as well as its fall.

The second floor is a large room consisting of the a light beam, projected from the sphere outside. Reflective stones can be rotated to reflect this beam around the room, with the target being an elevator on the north-west corner. If playing in Co-op it is advised one player elect to stay on an elevated platform to avoid being accidentally killed by the beam the other player is redirecting. When the elevator stone lit, it catches fire, and can be used to go down the next level.

On the third floor, this beam will now be projected down the elevator shaft. Two pillars will be in the way to block the path, however. Again, the beam is to be directed towards the elevator, but cannot go in a straight line. Head to the mirror in the middle of the room and rotate it clockwise. The mirror on the north-east side must be rotated anti-clockwise. With the pillars gone, the puzzle is solved.

The fourth level is more complex, with four different places to focus the mirrors - three doors and one elevator down a hallway. In the middle of the room is a chest, the opening of which releases a group of Bui Kichwa from the north area, which no longer has to be opened by the beam. Inside this chamber are many non-mutant human remains, with the hanging corpse of one man who triggered a booby-trap. A Blue Medallion hangs above the doorway on the way out. Heading back to the mirrors, redirecting them to focus on the statue just outside the north room will open the remaining doors, and rotating the mirror the other way will activate the elevator. The west room is similar to the north, with a dead Ndipaya hung to the wall and on flames after setting off a booby-trap. A Beatle (Gold) can be recovered. Finally, the east room is adorned with gold, with pots containing snakes to attack intruders. An Emerald (Pear) and Ruby (Pear) can be taken from two animal skulls standing against an altar the Idol (Gold) rests on. When everything is done, activate the elevator and head down.

Underground Garden

Chris and Sheva will now be in the garden with electric lights and cabling. Going further will trigger a cutscene that ends the level.

Rank conditions

Stats taken from BIOHAZARD 5 kaitaishinsho.[1]

Accuracy 70.0% or more 60.0-69.9% 50.0-59.9% 49.9% or less


35 or more 20-34 10-19 9 or less
Deaths 0 1 2 3 or more
Clear time 0:16:00 or less 0:16:01 - 0:20:00 0:20:01 - 0:24:00 0:24:01 or more



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