Chapter 4-3 is the twelfth level in Resident Evil 4.


Leon make his way to the castle. He fought Ganados and Chainsaw Man in the Mines and escaped the trap room. He then jump in the cart, fighting off the Ganados, jumping out the cart and successfully hang on the cliff and survived. Leon obtained the stone of sacrifice to open the door and proceed to the elevator.


After you get the Royal Insignia you will end up back above ground. There will be a letter with a lipstick in the shape of a kiss (it's from Ada) If you take it, it will say that Ashley is running out of time. If you go up the hill you will see a mob of Villagers, kill them and turn a handle to find a mine then go down, as you will need to find a key to the locked shutter which reads "Offer the sacrifice to the lion."

In The MinesEdit

After you climb down and go through the tunnel you will find several Villagers and 2 Chainsaw Men. You must get the Key to the Mine and head down another tunnel. After you get through the tunnel the door behind you will seal, and spikes from Chapter 4-1 will come down, and there is a catch this time, there will be parasites so be alert. After this enter the door ahead of you and go down the curved path to the red double doors, then go through them. If you search the place you will find Don Jose in a deeper tunnel and if you kill him you will achieve the Staff of Royalty.

Once you enter the room you will find a set of 3 carts. Hit the lever and you will take off. On the way there you will encounter platforms with 3-5 Villagers on each platform, but luckily for you they will not all land on the cart, and some will get run over. For the Villagers that stay on it is highly recommended that you use a Sniper Rifle to get them, or a Chicago Typewriter, also there will be planks in the way, so it is advisable to duck or let one of the villagers hit them, because if you hit them you will have an instant death. After this Don Esteban will pull a lever, stopping the carts. Several Villagers, and Chainsaw Man will appear. A great strategy will be to shoot Chainsaw Man before he jumps (you can do so by shooting him before the lever is pulled). Unlimited Villagers will appear until you shoot the lever, then you will take off again, and run in to another Chainsaw Man, the best thing to do will be to do what is listed above. Afterwards you will go down a very steep curve and you and the enemies will be unable to jump from cart to cart, then get ready to jump as the cart will fall and you will be hanging off a cliff. Pull yourself up or fall to death, then if successful you will encounter the stone of sacrifice, take it to open a door to leave the mines.

After the minesEdit

Once you get out of the mines you will be able to re-enter and this time the door you go to the room when the spikes come down will still be sealed. And it will be deserted, unless you didn't kill the Villager in the deeper part of the room. If you choose to go on put the stone on the shutter and it will open to reveal a lift. Board the lift and that will be the end of the chapter.

Further notesEdit

  • This chapter has the most Chainsaw Men (four).
  • If you go down the lift you came up after Chapter 4-2 you will see the way back is blocked by the smashers.
  • This chapter begins and ends on lifts.
  • The door with a lion motif that requires the Stone of Sacrifice at the end of the chapter looks a lot like the door requiring the Melancholy Soul in Devil May Cry.


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