Chapter 5-1 introduces Leon S. Kennedy to a new environment; the Island, along with new enemies.



Ada: "Got some business to take care of."
"See you later."

Leon: "Women."


You start off on a rocky coast on the Island. After some time, you'll be greeted by two members of Saddler's elite militia. After taking care of them you'll be greeted by the real welcoming committee. Other than a big search light checking everywhere, this next area will appear empty. DON'T BE FOOLED. The Combatants are just hiding themselves.

Shoot the search light with your pistol then move towards the right and take care of the single ganados. But, if you want to or feel like murdering more those miltia, then don't shoot that light and just jump to the other side of the water. Then go back and run left. You will eventually see Gatling Man who is wielding a minigun which surprisingly does not do that much damage, however, you hide behind the broken wall. If you're on a rooftop, he'll jump up the ladder rather than climbing it, showing off his great physical abilities as early as possible. He is a very strong foe, it will take 3 head shots from the Broken Butterfly to kill him, and if you are within Gatling Man's line of sight when he is shooting, he will hit you. The best way to kill him is to use the Striker or Sniper. Make sure you stun him every time you hit him, otherwise, his minigun will start rattling off rounds. You can hide behind a wall if you want though, the bullets will not go through. You will face a couple more ganados who only come out after Gatling Man is dead. This should be pretty simple. Go up to where you saw that Combatant take Ashley, there'll be a button that shoots a harmless laser. The laser will hit a mirror and you must go up to the mirror and make the laser reflect onto another mirror. Now go to that mirror and move the laser to the mirror next to where the laser first came from.

After you connect all of the mirrors together with the laser it'll unlock the door to your next path. Venturing further into the craggy rocks of the Island's coast, you'll meet more Combatants.

After taking them out you'll keep going to find Combatants armed with crossbows, you know the drill for these guys. Eventually you'll come out of some rocky caves filled with more Combatants and the occasional explosive red barrel to find the entrance to the research facility. Before entering make sure to find the treasure known as the Golden Lynx. Talk to the Merchant, but don't sell the Golden Lynx because there'll be some treasures later on that can be combined with it later on to increase the value of it. So sell anything else and buy anything you need and save if you want to and now you should enter the research facility.

To think it's safe inside this shelter is a dumb thought because it gets even more dangerous as there are numerous ambushes and the occasional Combatants that are armed with those deadly spiked hammers along with a very high amount of Combatants. After exploring and finding the Red Stone of Faith, you'll come across some rotting meat. Examine it if you like and then go on. A Combatant will burst out of an oven on fire and attempt to grab you, if he does it'll do twice as much damage as normal. You can either shoot him or simply step aside and let him die of his burn injuries. Keep moving and eventually you'll come to the operating room (apparently some of this was once a hospital). You should soon come across a dead-end room, a pan across the room will show a dead body, it's completely grey, lying dead on an autopsy table. This monstrosity is called a Regenerador and it is not dead, but is simply pretending to be dead. There will be a locked door with a fun security system puzzle nearby, it shouldn't be too hard to solve. Go inside and take the nearby document, it's Luis' Memo #3. There will be two dead bodies in this room. One has a Plaga C on it, don't worry both of these bodies are dead and so is the plaga. The next dead body will be holding a keycard (obtaining a keycard from the bloody remains of a dead body, how pleasant) take it and a few moments later the Regenerador will awake bust down the door and come right for you.

Don't panic, use the Striker or a magnum and you'll be fine, but be careful and keep a good distance away from it. They walk awfully slow, but are extremely dangerous. Especially if they extend their arms. Once it's dead, you'll witness the funny dead sequence and it'll drop 5,000 pesetas. You're done here, so exit the room. You'll hear some strange noises, these are the Regeneradores breathing (in case you didn't know). There are two of them waiting for you in the corridor, they came from nowhere as they weren't here before. They could have been dispatched, or came from the freezer room. Whatever the case was, get ready. When you fight them, keeping your distance away from them is your advantage, so keep that in mind. Now confront the first one, it'll be hard to keep your distance from this one because of the tight corner (harkening back to the nearly unavoidable classic zombies in tight corners from the old games), so use a weapon with some stopping power. After this one is dead, there's still one left. Enter through the double doors and find a suitcase, it should contain shotgun ammo. The next one will come for you, but by now you ought to know the drill. Now you'll find the freezer room (it's the room with all the cold air seeping out from the bottom, obviously), use the key card to gain access. Once inside collect any items you need, unfreeze the room and then trade the freezer room key card for the waste disposal key card. Now equip your rifle (you'll see why in a few seconds) sitting on a table you'll see something: an Infrared scope attachment for your rifle. Equip it quickly because what would appear to be a dead Regenerador will spring to life. Although if you do not take the scope, it won't come to life. But if you enter with a scope from a previous game, it will instantly. Anyway, the doors lock at this point. So fighting this one is unavoidable once it wakes up.

Use your newly acquired Infrared scope to your advantage and take out all the leeches (Luis' Memo #3 tells you about said leeches). That's all for the least for now. Next, here comes a fun part, there is a room containing a controls for a crane. You may now either take out a wave of about five Combatants conventionally, or you can do it the fun way. The fun way is picking them up with the crane and dropping them down the waste disposal (which obviously kills them).

Once one is dropped off the others prepare to attack...or at least just go into battle stations (why they'd stay still is beyond me as it makes them an easy target for the crane). As the 4th enemy is dropped whoever is left will come for you, dispose of him. Once all of those enemies are done for, keep going. After a little bit, you'll be able to hear Ashley screaming. Now it's time to save her, but first thing's first the door is locked. Now you'll have to pick up something to unlock it. There'll be a door nearby that will lead you to your next destination.

Upon entering this room you'll be greeted by an all new foe, an Iron Maiden. All though this is a new foe, deal with it the same way as you would with a Regenerador, just take extra care not to get impaled by those scary looking spikes sticking out of him. The Iron Maiden walks slower than the ones you saw earlier, but it's much more dangerous because it's primary attack will kill you unless you're at full or nearly full health. Also a leech is located in its back (depending on the mode there may be four, if so disregard the blowing off the leg and shooting it in the back part). Eliminate the frontal leeches, then blow off one of its legs. Back away afterwards, while the Iron Maiden lacks the most fatal Regenerador move: the Shoulder-Bite, instead it's been replaced with the medium-low damaging spike expelling move.

Now that it's been floored, quickly shoot it's final leech. Now that it's dead can pick up what it was holding: the keycard to open Ashley's cell. But first, there's a door leading to the radio tower. Go through that door. The Merchant will be outside the tower, stop to see him if you wish to, then move on. After taking the lift up, go through the door. A cutscene will show Leon calling for backup, with no answer. However, the call still got through. And in chapter 5-4, backup will be sent. That backup is Mike. Now go back from where you came and go to the cell containing Ashley. You won't hear her or see her in front of the door. Don't worry, she's still there and she's still alive and well. Use the keycard and go into the room. Now a cutscene will play showing a rather teary reunion. Once it's over, congratulate yourself because you've just completed this chapter. A job well done.



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