After Leon rescue Ashley, He saw a paper airplane with a kiss mark on it. It list that he can escape the through the waste disposal vent he came across. They went to the waste disposal and landed in the trash.


After rescuing Ashley you will see a paper airplane with a kiss mark on it (Obviously from Ada, like the letter from Chapter 4-3). It will list that you can escape through the waste disposal vent you came across in the previous chapter. On the way there you will be ambushed twice. When you make it back to the room with the crane, you will see a cutscene of Leon and Ashley jumping into the smelly dump below.

Afterward, Leon and Ashley will find 2 Iron Maidens. The first one will appear almost immediately after the cutscene (Ashley partly lands on it.) Don't focus on killing it just yet, just turn the levers beside both gates and, with Ashley's help, Push the big red box into the water, providing a bridge. There will be a dumpster where you can tell Ashley to hide for the time being. This is where you meet the second Iron Maiden. Now for the fighting; just run back across the bridge and let them come to you. Equip a rifle w/ the thermal scope and shoot the leeches.

  • Keep in mind that Iron Maidens have a leech in their backs. Instead of trying to run around them, just shoot their legs and they will fall to the floor, where you can shoot them. Just be precise as the Iron Maidens flop around when they're on the floor.

You and Ashley will then come to a room with a pool of lava and a wrecking ball suspended on top of it. Ashley will point of that there is a door blocked by stone and you will be ambushed again. There will be a control room in the corner of the area with the lever to operate the wrecking ball. You can choose who does it, but it would be easier to have Ashley do it while you protect her. Eventually the stone will be removed from the door and you and Ashley can head on in.

When you enter the next room there will be a lever with a closed shutter and a hallway to the right with a sort of storage room at the end, followed by 2 Regeneradores up ahead. You can hear the sound of a Regenerador breathing on the other side of the gate. Just have Ashley wait in that storage room and kill both of them.When you're finished, call Ashley back and proceed. You will find a button and a shutter will partly open, so have Ashley crawl underneath the shutter and open it from the other side. After that they will have to activate a double-lever switch. You need to pull it when the circle light on top of the door lights up then enter the door. You will see a large bulldozer in front of you, followed by some crates. Loot the room and hop on!

The Bulldozer

There will be a bulldozer in the room, board it and Ashley will say "Leave it to me Leon," and proceed to drive the bulldozer while you stand in the back. Moments later you will hear a militia Ganado grunt. Ashley will shout "Behind us!" and you'll see several Ganados running towards the bulldozer.

  • It doesn't take much to keep them at bay, so you should stick to your handgun for now, but eventually the numbers will be overwhelming, so have a shotgun ready. Keep in mind the bulldozer is very slow, so its not like you're going to outrun anybody.

There will also be militia Ganados jumping on the bulldozer, so it would be wise to put your back to Ashleys just so you're not surrounded. Eventually, a truck with a boarded up windshield will come honking its horn. All you have to do is constantly shoot the truck till it catches fire. A TMP would work best because it gets it over with, but if you don't have one (which would be logical,) just whip out that handgun and go to town. The truck will eventually stop and you can go back to fighting the militia. Just when it looks like you are safe, the truck will attack a second time, so be ready. Just do the same thing and eventually the truck will hit a beam and you wont have to worry about it anymore. Then you will board a lift and two switches will deactivate causing Leon to pull them, and you will be off again. Be fast about it because some militia will go after Ashley, and if they get her before you get them, its instant game over. Then more militia will come and another truck. The truck will hit you either way, causing the bulldozer to crash into a wall.

Go through the door to find the Merchant. He doesn't have anything new, but buy and sell if you must. The Green Stone of Judgement (for the Golden Lynx) will be inside a briefcase on the rightside of the room. Save if you must as well. After you loot the room, go to the door on the top-left and watch another cutscene of Saddler explaining that the parasite is growing. Leon Tries to run for Saddler, but he takes control of the parasite and subdues Leon. He'll use his "Suave Moves" and (yet again) abduct Ashley. Leon will then throw a tracking device on Ashley as she walks away. Congratulations! You're on to chapter 5-3!

Further notes

  • At the beginning of the chapter Ashley will say "what is that thing" when the Iron Maiden awakens.
  • Ashley will operate the lever, but afterwards it will no longer be operational.
  • In real life a truck would not be able to be driven after being burnt.
  • When Ashley says "look there's a gate here", combatants come out. The way they come out will be a dead end, but if they abduct Ashley they will be able to leave.



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