Chapter 5-3 is the thirteenth level of Resident Evil 5.




Uroboros Research Facility

Missile Area 2nd Floor

Once you kill the Majinis on the other platform you will be facing multiple Reaper, kill it by hitting the white glowing like larva on its belly, after this battle you will be face with another Reaper shortly after,once this is done you will need to turn on the power to the platform, there will be a new weapon the H&K PSG-1. Ride the platform, (you or your partner), across your partner will be ambushed with Majini with Big Man Majini, when both of you are together again,and head to a building a cutscene will appear, a Majini with a rocket launcher, will try to kill you, snipe him out with careful aiming because he is armored.

Moving Platform

When both agents pull the lever the will be heading downwards after a some time a majini will stop the elevator snipe him, and you will need to repeat the process again. At the very top, a group of armed Majini will be waiting, so take cover behind the computer and pick your shots. After they are handled, climb the stairs and enter the Monarch Room Entrance.

Monarch Room Entrance

If you're low on ammo or first aid spray, restart and restock. Pull the switch behind the building, there is an emblem in the shaft of the elevator go around and look in the hole you will see the emblem, let Chris get on the elevator because he is tougher and stronger,and let Sheva snipe (if on co-op) a cutscene will occur and two lickers will appear you could sneak by them or kill them,another cutscene will occur but these lickers will notice you, they will be climbing out of a hole in the wall, Sheva will snipe them,making them fall, Chris will need to push a container, while Sheva will snipe them out,when Chris is finished pushing, jump down to the building below and unlock the bridge, look in the lockers for treasure, a First Aid Spray and Magnum Ammo (not in Pro). Enter the Monarch Room and view the cutscene.

Monarch Room

You will be fighting Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine. You cannot kill Jill or the mission will be over. When the fight starts, don't bother to shoot Wesker because he will dodge your bullets. Run to the door on the right and a cutscene will occur after a few seconds; you will be knocked through the door by Wesker. Try to shoot Wesker if he is not after you. If he turns around, he will be after your partner. When he is after your partner, shoot him from behind (Magnums work well). Your partner can shoot him to if they want to. When he stumbles, you or your partner can perform the combo attack (on the Xbox 360 press X,X,B,A, then press X+A at the same time, on PS3 it's Square, Square, Circle, X and Square and X), but be careful because he may dodge your shots depending on the difficulty level. After the combo, run upstairs and gather up all the items you can. There will be treasure and stuff that you will need. In one room there will be a coffin with the L. Hawk inside. Go all the way around to the door that Wesker knocked you through; you will be behind Wesker. This will give you an opportunity to shoot him with the rocket launcher (or Magnum), but be careful as he may dodge it. When Wesker comes a bit close pop out and shoot him - when he staggers back you will be able to perform a series of combo attacks. Get these right and he will fall to the ground. You could try to shoot him while he is on the ground, but when you shoot him he will dash towards you. When he does this, shoot him and he will stagger. However, you must act quickly: watch carefully what button you should press, because if you pressed one wrong button, he'll perform a kick that you can't dodge. Or, if you're too slow, he'll draw his gun and shoot you (which you have a chance to dodge). Note that three successful shots is the maximum number you can land, or else when you attempt the fourth shot Wesker when run towards you and attack. Luckily, you can use your counterattack. When you do the counterattack, try to shoot him when he gets back up to perform the combo attack, but be careful - shot from Wesker is very damaging. If you get shot, you'll enter dying status easily in the harder difficulties. Jill will be covering him and shooting at you. You could KO her by knocking her to the ground with the help of a partner. Jill will get back up in two minutes. If you repeat this process you will get an achievement. You can either fight until Wesker gets down to his knees, or survive the seven minutes. The first option will make a treasure - The Heart of Africa - appear, and unlocks a trophy or achievement (Bad Blood).

After a cutscene, you will be fighting Jill. You can't kill her, but you will need the get the device off her chest. You could pull it off or shoot it. Shooting the device and using her own weight to pull the device will be faster. Of course, she'll attack you. She has a few attacks. First after the cutscene, she'll perform a backflip to the middle of the room. She'll grab two SMGs and you cannot press buttons to dodge. You can only get behind to the pillars to protect yourself or circle around her when she shoots around her. Secondly, she'll be jumping and running around. Sometimes she might run to a pillar and get to a place where you can't get to. Then she'll grab the SMGs again. You can only hide under where she is or get behind a pillar. It helps to circle around her when she attacks - you will dodge her attacks while you circle her, but you have to get close. She'll jump back down in no time. Thirdly, she may jump toward you. You should get out of her way or she'll perform a suplex and it's quite damaging. She may also trip you down.

If you're playing solo, your A.I partner will shoot it, and he or she won't miss if you restrain Jill. Then, you can throw her down (without damaging her) and you can pull the device, which is faster (in general). The second removal method: Your partner holds her and you don't shoot, instead you just pull the device (counts as partner action), then Jill will attack your partner. Both of Jill's after-escaping counter-attacks can be dodged by pressing the correct button. If you're playing Co-op, this will be harder, as you may possibly kill her. If you are on co-op it is best to bring the weakest gun that you have because all bullets do the same damage to the device but Jill will hardly be damaged with a weak gun, remember not to use Magnums, Rifles or Explosives on her, otherwise she will be killed.

To grab her, you must get behind her or entreat her until the device sends out a shock which stuns her. When you hear your partner saying "We have to get that device of her chest!" then you'll know that you'll need a few more tries. When you hear your partner saying "Get the device!" and you see lots of electric shocks from the device then it'll be the last time you pull the device. Both ways of pulling the device can be the last. That means you can pull the device when she was being held by your partner or on the ground. Pulling the device out while Jill is being held by the partner will get yourself a trophy or achievement (Masters of Removing).

Rank conditions

Stats taken from BIOHAZARD 5 kaitaishinsho.[1]

Accuracy 70.0% or more 60.0-69.9% 50.0-59.9% 49.9% or less


30 or more 20-29 10-19 9 or less
Deaths 0 1 2 3 or more
Clear time 0:38:00 or less 0:38:01 - 0:42:00 0:42:01 - 0:48:00 0:48:01 or more

Further notes

  • There is a BSAA Emblem in the room adjacent the laboratory (boss room); look for it behind one of the spinning fans.
  • A BSAA emblem is located in the test subject storage chamber (rotating platform room); Visible before you start the platform.
  • In the Monarch Room Entrance, look at the elevator and check behind it, then shoot the Emblem.



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