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Chapter 5-4 scene 1 (tentative) is a cutscene that plays in the "Chapter 5-4" level of Resident Evil 4.


The Militia Ganados prepare to greet Leon with a vast arsenal of firepower. Leon is at a disadvantage when his secondary extraction helicopter shows up piloted by Mike who apologizes for bad air traffic and provides cover; First by dropping a water tower and firing machine guns taking out a portion of the Ganado garrison. Leon thanks Mike for the backup.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Leon S. Kennedy: "Damn!"

Leon: "Hey. It's about time."

Mike: "Sorry, bad traffic. I'll cover you."

Leon: "Now that's what I call backup."

Mike: "The name's Mike. You looking for firepower you've come to the
right place."

Leon: *ad-lib*

Leon: "やっと来たか"

Mike: "遅くなってすまん 援護する"

Leon: "スゴイので来たな"

Mike: "オレはマイク よろしくな"

Leon: *ad-lib*

Leon: "You finally came."

Mike: "Sorry I'm late. Assisting."

Leon: "It's great you came."

Mike: "I'm Mike. Of course."


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