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Chapter 5-4 scene 2 is a cutscene in the "Chapter 5-4" level of Resident Evil 4.


Leon is surrounded by a number of armed militia ganados, but is rescued by Mike just in time. Exchanging friendly remarks, they do not notice a heat-seeking rocket launch until it is too late. Mike's chopper explodes and falls to rocks below the cliff.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Mike: Take cover.

Leon: Thanks. When we get out of here, drinks are on me.

Mike: Yeah, I know a good bar!

Leon: Mike!
I'll make sure you're the next to go, Saddler.

Mike: 伏せろ!

Leon: 帰ったら一杯やるか

Mike: いい店があるんだ

Leon: *ad-lib*
サドラー お前だけは許さん


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