Chapter 5-4 scene 3 (tentative) is a cutscene in the "Chapter 5-4" level of Resident Evil 4.


In this scene, the parasite tries to control him in a similar way to his dream in Chapter 2-1. Ada, who has caught up with him, is attacked by the Plaga-controlled Leon. She manages to escape his attempt to asphyxiate her by stabbing him in the thigh with her combat knife. Regaining control, Leon apologises and takes the last of the Plaga-suppressant pills that Luis gave him just before his death.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Ada: Leon, you okay?

Leon: Yeah.
Sorry, Ada.

Ada: We have to get that parasite out of your body.

Leon: Yeah. But before that, I gotta save Ashley.

Ada: Fine. Let's split up.

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