Chapter 6-1 is the fourteenth level of Resident Evil 5.




Ship Deck


The chapter begins with Chris and Sheva on a platform aboard a Tricell tanker. There are numerous enemies scattered about the level that can be eliminated through use of a sniper rifle. The distances are quite large, so the Dragunov SVD is recommended. From the starting point, a Majini atop the nearby tower is visible. If not taken out before alerted, he will start lobbing grenades until killed. Drop down from the platform and follow the linear path to the tower, eliminating any enemies along the way. Climb the tower to the highest point and use a sniper rifle to kill any enemies in the distance. From here, it is possible to prevent a trap. There is a Majini standing on the crane tower. While obscured, he is able to be sniped.

Once you jump down from the tower, there are multiple crates in the area. After clearing the items, equip a shotgun and proceed up the stairs. A pair of Adjule will attack from one of the containers. This will also trigger Majini to attack from the corridor. Proceed down the pathway and look to your left. A Big Man Majini (You have a chance to get The Works achievement and remember to use a Flash Grenade or the Stun Rod on the Big Man Majini) will attack along with another set of Majini and dogs. Jump down from the platform and follow the path to a large cylinder in a container. Press the button to raise the shipping crate. Go to the right and break the crates near the ladder. Collect the items and climb to the platform. Push the bin and jump down off the platform. If you did not eliminate the Majini atop the crane tower, a trap will be triggered and your partner (Sheva or Chris) will be trapped underneath a container. Multiple enemies will flood from the shipping crates. One Majini will appear with a shield. When damaged, he will spawn Duvalia parasite. Upon death, it will drop a keycard for the crane. Shoot the light near the movable container to get it to rise. Move to the locked gate and open it with the keycard. Go up the stairs and look for any enemies. Climb the ladders to the controls and activate the crane. Be quick as your partner is under attack by dogs. Retrace your path back to the trap and use the break in action to reload and check the area for supplies. The trap was moved by the crane such that it can be moved across to find a safe with 3000 gold.

The next area requires teamwork to progress. A small host of Majini will spawn along with a pair of Big Man Majini. Kill the attackers and then stand on the yellow crate. Your AI partner will automatically shoot the light to raise the crate. Once your partner is standing on the container opposite yours, shoot the light to raise their platform. As you proceed into the area, be wary of dogs that will attack when you round corners. There is also another safe containing 3000 gold past a platform and concealed by a movable container crate. Proceed to the upper deck and exit the area once you are done.

Ship Hold

A good portion of this region of the ship is unpopulated by any enemies and has quite a good deal of items. The following scene transition will start a cutscene with Excella Gionne. Collect the items in the room after the cutscene ends and go down the corridor. The corridor will exit into a large area with a multitude of Majini. It is possible to skip the area where the alarm goes off and lots of Majini come after you, there are 5 Majini in the room, followed by a sixth who will climb in, take them out in this order with headshots from a sniper rifle. First, the one directly ahead of you, then up and to the left of that one, look below you, 45 degrees left from the starting position (next to some green containers, to the left of where you started and below is where the fourth one is, move along the walkway until it turns right and around the corner is the fifth one, finally, approach the ladder (but DON'T go down) and the sixth Majini will climb into the area, shoot him and you are safe to continue with no alarms. However, if you do trigger the alarm, take advantage of the cover and snipe the Majini as they reload. Once you approach the central region, many enemies will spawn from the container crates and nearby outlets. After dealing with the Majini, collect any items and drop into the tunnel. Use the wall cover to avoid ambushes by the Majini. Be ready to deal with parasites as some will spawn Cephalo while the last is guaranteed to turn into a Duvalia. Climb to the top and turn to the right. Detonate the gas canisters and collect the nearby items. Equip a magnum or rifle and be ready to fight a Gatling Gun Majini

The easiest mean to deal with this boss is to use a magnum and get up close. Shooting him in the leg or head will prompt Chris and Sheva to use their most powerful combo finisher moves. If you are not comfortable with getting close to the gunner, equip a rifle and use the crates to snipe him when he isn't firing. There are more gas canisters scattered about which have an effect similar to a magnum shot. After dealing with him, collect the keycard and search the area for items. There is a safe containing another keycard near the exit. Grab it and open the door. The following area contains a trio of rocket launcher-wielding Majini who reload the launchers after use. While damaging if struck by one, the reload time is quite slow. Use this time to snipe them, but be wary as the crates shielding you can be destroyed. Once dealt with, collect the items and head toward the elevator. The chapter ends with a cutscene of Wesker flashing back to the night with Spencer.

Rank conditions

Stats taken from BIOHAZARD 5 kaitaishinsho.[1]

Accuracy 70.0% or more 60.0-69.9% 50.0-59.9% 49.9% or less


40 or more 25-39 15-24 14 or less
Deaths 0 1 2 3 or more
Clear time 0:26:00 or less 0:26:01 - 0:31:00 0:31:01 - 0:36:00 0:36:01 or more



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