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Chapter 6-3 is the sixteenth and final level of Resident Evil 5.


After destroying Uroboros Aheri and ending Excella Gionne's life, Chris and Sheva discover Wesker's plan to unleash the Uroboros virus into the world by using his bomber, hidden somewhere within the tanker. Facing the final layer of Tricell's Majini army, they rush towards the secret hangar, intending to use Wesker's vulnerability — the medicine he needs to keep the Prototype virus at bay, which acts as poison when excessively administered — to defeat him. Ultimately, Chris and Wesker find themselves face to face for their final battle.


Sheva: So that's Uroboros...I fear for the world if that ever gets out.

Chris: Goddammit Wesker! He's actually serious about destroying the entire planet!

Cutscene: "A Message from Jill"

Sheva: A bomber equipped with missiles? He can't fly around in that without getting shot down...oh God!

Chris: Exactly. The plane can't get shot down. If it does, it will initiate a biohazard.

Sheva: It's just like Jill said, he's planning to spread this virus worldwide.

Chris: Looks that way. Things are worse than I thought. We have to stop him here and now.

Computer Warning: "Warning! Fire detected in the engine room! Warning! Sealing
off area with primary bulkhead! Evacuate the area immediately!"

Computer Warning: "Opening secondary bulkhead. Please maintain a safe distance from the bulkhead."

Sheva: Come on! Open, damn you!

Computer Warning: "Opening primary bulkhead. Please maintain a safe distance from
the bulkhead."

Sheva: "We'll never win in a fair fight! We need to fall back and come up with a

Sheva: Something doesn't feel right...I can't explain it.

Chris: Yeah, I hear you. Don't let your guard down for a second.

Cutscene: "Rematch"

Wesker: I'll see you dead!

Sheva: If we take advantage of the dark, we might actually hit him.

Wesker: There's no point in hiding. Is that all you have?

Sheva: Every time we shoot, he dodges! Fighting in the dark might be our only

Wesker: Ignorant cretins! Has it never occured to you that this planet is overpopulated? Only a handful of humans truly matter. Everyone else is just so much chaff. So now I have to separate this chaff from the wheat. And with Uroboros I can finally accomplish this!

Sheva: I'll distract him!

Sheva: Now's our chance!

Sheva: I've got you now!

Sheva: Do it! Inject him!

Wesker: You can't hide forever.

Wesker: Ah, there you are! You're merely postponing the inevitable. Only those with superior DNA will be chosen by Uroboros. Only those fit for survival will be allowed to carry their genes into a new age!

Chris: And let me guess, you're the one that's going to rule this "new age,"

Chris: Do it now! Give him the shot!

Cutscene: "Wesker's Vulnerability"

Cutscene: "Sky-High Skirmish"

Cutscene: "The Final Curtain"

Wesker: Why can't you understand, Chris?

Sheva: Fall back!

Wesker: Do you really believe the world is worth saving?

Sheva (radio): Chris! Get to high ground!

Wesker: Natural selection leaves the survivors stronger and better. Humans have
escaped this winnowing for far too long.

Sheva: I've got him, CHRIS!

Wesker: Damn you!

Wesker: War and pestilence wherever you go. Everywhere, nothing but loathsome

Chris: Just...hold on...Sheva!

Wesker: The human race requires judgment!

Chris: And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book

Wesker: Chriiis!

Chris: Now, Sheva, shoot him!

Sheva: I can't without hitting you!

Chris: Then shoot through me!

Cutscene: "The Fall of Wesker"

Cutscene: "Homeward Bound!"


Bridge Deck


Engine Room

This chapter contains an Albert Wesker boss level. This chapter starts in the Bridge at the rear of the ship, runs through the Engine Room and ends in the Hangar at the front of the ship.

The Engine Room is where the final group of Majini in the game will be fought. There are two bulkheads that need to be opened, one can be opened alone, the other needs both characters to open.

Be sure to take cover while the bulkheads are opening. Take out the RPG majini first should make the life easier. When the second bulkhead is opening, two Reapers will emerge and attack the player. Killing them before the bulkhead opens will make the mini-bosses, two Gatling Gun Majini, easier. An endless stream of Base Majini will accompany the Gatling Gun Majini, so it is imperative they are eliminated and the two Hangar Keycards plucked from their bodies.

Utilize the minigun mounted on the tower on the left sideto defeat the mini-bosses; once you defeat the Reapers, approach the left side of the platform as close to the bulkhead as possible. you should have the option of jumping down. Do it and prepare tp jump on the next platform once the bulkhead has opened. Then immediately jump and climb up a ladder located on the left side of the platform. That is where the minigun is. If you open fire immediately after they reach your level they will not move out of the gun's range. They can not attack you head on with any attacks but the grenade.


"Has it never occurred to you that this world is overpopulated?"

During the fight with Wesker, there are four spotlights, three of which can be shut down: the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest are ones that can be shut down, while the Northwest console is destroyed. Have a partner shut down one light, then run to one yourself—they will move on to the next light and you can begin wailing on Wesker sooner. Sometimes, when you're at a great distance from Wesker, he will dash towards you and try to do the Knee Cannon. There are two ways to avoid this. 1. You can simply move out of the way. 2. You can perform a counterattack by pressing the right button that will appear on the screen.

Wesker may reactivate the lights if he is idle for a while. He tends to assault you with explosive armaments after this, so take cover. Though, If you feel gutsy enough, you can shoot the explosives in his hand to stun him for a short time, allowing you to get in a few shots.

As before, Wesker will dodge ALL attacks thrown at him, so hiding and attacking him is the safest way to guarantee a hit. However, there is another way to land a successful hit on him, even though he can still see you, but it requires perfect timing. The trick is to attack exactly when Wesker performs his own attack. If you can successfully hit him 3 times in a row, you can move in for a final melee attack. Note: trying to hit him a fourth time before the melee attack will result in Wesker dodging the attack and coming at you with a counterattack.

Many of Wesker's attacks are fatal, use caution.

There are at least two methods to defeating Wesker: either draining his health by gunfire or assaulting him as a duo with the Night Vision Rocket Launcher, located in a glass case near the Northwest spotlight. Make sure you have a gun at the ready in order for the attack to work. He cannot be injected the first time after the rocket is fired and he is weakened. Locate another rocket and attack him again, but be sure to hide and have a gun at the ready. If you manage to stun him, the player can perform an attack sequence by pressing the right buttons: X,X,B,A and XA for 360, Square, Square, O, X, Square and X for PS3. If this is the case, Wesker will take damage from the player's attacks, but he cannot be restrained. If you happen to do the combo button sequence and all the lights are turned off get behind him when he is laying on the ground and make sure he does not see you and shoot him with the Rocket Launcher. If you try to hit him while he's still on the ground, he will dash at you and try to do the Knee Cannon. Again, you can avoid it by moving out of the way or by counterattacking.

Be ready to rush at Wesker when he falls to his knees (he will yell "Ignorant cretins!") This is where one partner restrains him and the other finishes off the second battle. Once he doesn't know where you are, you fire a rocket. However, Wesker will catch the rocket and try to hold it back. If you fail to blow the rocket up in time, the rocket's fuse will go out and Wesker will simply throw it away.

If you succeed, the explosion will cause Wesker to fall on his knees, that is when you go in and restrain him. Depending how much damage you did to him, depends how long you can hold Wesker. If you use only one rocket to start off with, it wouldn't be enough. You would have to do this more than once. Rarely, if you shoot the rocket in Wesker's hands, there could be a chance that he could be stunned instead of being put to his knees. If this happens, feel free to perform the attack combo.

If you get close enough, Wesker can initiate a dodge sequence with Chris or Sheva by using his Rhino Charge attack. The most he can try to strike you is five time at the most during one sequence. If you successfully dodge all his attacks, you will be able to perform your combo attack. If you fail, Wesker will thrust his arm through the player's chest, of course resulting an instant death.

When you finish the battle, Wesker will retreat to the Bomber and a cutscene will appear in which you will have to press the buttons indicated on screen, so don't put your controller down when you defeat him. Be ready.


"The human race requires judgement!"

After the lengthy assault bomber scene, prepare for the final battle of the campaign. This battle should not be taken lightly on higher difficulties, as Wesker will only take 10% of normal damage done to any part of his body, other than his weakspot, which takes normal damage.

When Sheva and Chris are separated by the bridge falling, don't try to attack Wesker as Chris; run up to the elevated ground (Note you can also just run forward at top speed, grab the herb and push the rock while your partner waits with a sniper rifle or other weapon to shoot him in the back, this saves a lot of time); Sheva must attack Wesker (Shoot his back weak spot), baiting him away from Chris and over to her side.

When Wesker has been damaged enough, he will then jump to Sheva's side. Sheva should then run towards the bridge, which will collapse and button mash as Chris fires upon Wesker keeping him at bay until Sheva can safely get up. Be careful though because if you play in co-op, this particular button mash is extremely hard (if you want, just tell your friend to stop playing and play in single player until Sheva climbs up. After that he can play after the next checkpoint). There is way to skip the scene in which needs to get up from the falling bridge though. First when you are separated, damage Wesker but not enough to make him go to Sheva. Just damage him with Chris (magnums work pretty good), then Sheva should fall,then damage him enough to make him(short cutsene) go to Sheva and then you will see she already has gotten up without button mashing, You will need to keep button mash if you as Chris didn't do enough damage.

Chris should then attack Wesker until Sheva is safe (this takes about thirty seconds), then Chris needs to move the boulder into the lava so Sheva can rejoin him. Once Sheva crosses, You will receive a checkpoint and automatically appear on the plateau with Wesker.

To defeat Wesker, shoot one of his weak spots, located on his chest and back, and avoid the instant kill hurricane assault which occurs after downing him. The trick to avoiding this is to distance yourself with Wesker, however running away is dangerous. Instead, bring along a handgun and shoot Wesker in the head. Two bullets is sufficient enough to stagger him back a foot or two, so do it continuously to space yourself from him. Once he finishes his whirlwind attack, he will reveal a yellow weak spot on his chest that you can shoot. It is recommended that you shoot it with a Rifle or Grenade Launcher, as Magnums inflict 60% less damage than normal on him. After inflicting sufficient damage, he will stagger to one knee, prompting you, if you're Chris, to get behind him and restrain while Sheva pummels his weak spot. If failed Chris will fall and Wesker will grab Sheva and use the instant kill impale. But if done correctly, after several seconds Sheva will impale his weak spot, followed by Chris impaling his back weak spot (no button prompt required). Be careful though. On higher difficulties you must have full health in order to restrain him since you gain damage over time. Sometimes even if you restrain him at full health you will start losing health very quickly and fail in keeping him restrained.

After that, get ready for one more button combination with the rocket launchers then set the controller down and enjoy the ending.

It can be noted that Wesker can be killed with one, well placed, rocket. For the best shot, wait until the second stage of the battle when his frontal weakspot is revealed, and shoot it for an accurate kill. For more skilled co-op players, he can be killed earlier; once Chris has fallen off of the bridge and Wesker holds one of his arms in the air, aim for his heart, it should be vulnerable by now, and it should kill him. Or if you missed you can go to the elevated ground and Wesker will follow you to the path but he won't go further. Go to the back of there and you can also kill Wesker instantly with a rocket launcher on the weak spot on his back. If you don't have the Infinite rocket launcher, you could replay Chapter 3–1 over and over again to obtain a good amount of rockets before trying this.

Rank conditions

Stats taken from BIOHAZARD 5 kaitaishinsho.[1]

Accuracy 70.0% or more 60.0-69.9% 50.0-59.9% 49.9% or less


25 or more 15-24 10-14 9 or less
Deaths 0 1 2 3 or more
Clear time 0:22:00 or less 0:22:01 - 0:26:00 0:26:01 - 0:30:00 0:30:01 or more



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