Chapter summaries are available on Resident for each chapter of Resident Evil 6. Each summary is unlocked after completing the accompanying chapter in-game, along with a series of pictures relevant to the chapter.


"Desperate but determined to escape, U.S. agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper soldier onward through the streets of China; the city around them now pandemonium, overflowing with the walking dead.

Facing the most grave of circumstances, Leon vows to survive this tragedy for the sake of comrades and friends that did not.

However, as the night drags on, hope dwindles; it seems that dawn will not come."


Chapter 1

"Ivy University: a historic school nestled in the center of the city of Tall Oaks. This innocuous setting soon changes beyond recognition when it becomes the epicenter of a bioterrorist attack.

Unleashed indiscriminately onto the populace, the virus mutates all who are infected into literal walking-corpses. In a matter of minutes, the school and surrounding city are transformed into a nightmarish hell.

President Adam Benford, who was at the school intending to publicly reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City Incident, is among the infected. Now an inhuman monster, the president joins the carnage and begins feasting on human flesh. Agents Helena Harper and Leon Kennedy rush to the president's side. Leon in particular was close to the president, having fought together to eradicate B.O.W.s (bio-weapons) and put an end to bioterrorism. Now, faced with the creature before him, Leon is forced to make the most cruel of choices, and he shoots his comrade and commander, the president.

With the gravity of their situation just starting to settle in, Helena makes a shocking revelation: she claims that she was responsible for this tragedy. Furthermore, she promises to disclose the whole of the truth behind the attack, but only once she and Leon make it to the Tall Oaks Cathedral.

Leaving this gruesome scene, they make their desperate escape from the university. Next, overcoming the bedlam that has engulfed the city of Tall Oaks, the pair are narrowly able to get a hold of a bus, and head toward the cathedral."

Chapter 2

"After fighting through hordes of the infected, Leon and Helena somehow manage to reach the cathedral.

Below the hallowed grounds is a strange lab, dotted with cocoon-like entities that seem to have mutated from humans. Here, Leon views a mysterious tape of the spy Ada Wong being birthed from a cocoon.

However, the "truth" of which Helena had spoke is buried even further in the depths: in the deepest recesses of the catacombs is Deborah, Helena's sister. What should have been a joyful reunion, however, is cut short in mere moments as Deborah suddenly begins to burn and writhe in agony. She transforms into a cocoon like the ones seen in the lab. However, this is followed by a second transformation, as Deborah emerges from the chrysalid, no longer herself, but as a monstrous B.O.W. that proceeds to attack Leon and Helena.

As the ensuing battle grows more dire, Ada suddenly comes to the two agents' rescue. Her appearance gives Leon pause as he recalls what he had seen in the lab, sparking feelings of distrust.

The fight, however, is ended by Helena. Choking back bitter tears, she is forced to kill her sister, the very person she had come to rescue. With her sister lost forever, Helena finally reveals the truth of what happened in Tall Oaks. The person behind it all was a single man: Derek Simmons, a presidential aide. Helena goes on to explain that her sister Deborah had been taken hostage by Simmons, forcing Helena to assist in his plan to assassinate the president.

With this, Ada takes her leave, and the two agents attempt to contact federal agent Hunnigan; however, it is Simmons who answers their call."

Chapter 3

"Derek Simmons was the man who orchestrated the attack in Tall Oaks, which lead to the assassination of the president. As part of his plan, Simmons frames Leon and Helena for the crime, taunting them with the promise to clear their names if they come to him.

Having been used by Simmons, and ultimately losing her sister to his treachery, Helena is pushed to the brink.

With the two agents now sharing a common enemy, they vow to bring Simmons to justice, and begin to make their way out of the catacombs.

However, upon arriving at the surface, Leon and Helena bear witness to yet another tragedy: in what must be an attempt to contain the outbreak, Tall Oaks is eradicated by missile strike. Suffering the same fate as Raccoon City, the once picturesque city is wiped off the map.

Elsewhere, we find Simmons on his way to China, where by no small coincidence, a similar bioterror attack has begun.

Prime suspects in the assassination of the president, Leon and Helena, enlist Hunnigan's help in faking their own deaths, and then follow Simmons to China."

Chapter 4

"When Leon and Helena at last arrive in China, they find panic in the streets as a bioterror attack is in full-swing.

Amidst the chaos, however, Leon is reunited with fellow Raccoon City Incident-survivor Sherry Birkin. Now a federal agent, her current assignment is to protect Jake, the young man with her. It turns out, however, that Sherry's superior is none other than Simmons. Taken aback by Simmons' actions, Sherry reveals his location to Leon. Despite being separated in the ensuing fight, Leon promises to meet up with her again at Simmons' location.

On their way there, Leon and Helena catch sight of Ada, and attempt to get information out of her. However, at that very moment Chris of the BSAA shows up and, in a rage, accuses Ada of being the mastermind behind the attacks. Leon interjects, insisting that the real culprit is Simmons; as their argument reaches a boiling point guns are drawn, giving Ada an opportunity to escape. Leaving her capture to Chris and company, Leon and Helena head after Simmons.

The two agents arrive to face off with Simmons just ahead of Sherry and Jake. Determined to settle this very personal vendetta themselves, Leon and Helena make cover for the younger pair to escape, then proceed to attack. However, Simmons is injected with the C-Virus, endowing him with unspeakably powerful mutative abilities; a fierce battle ensues, with Leon and Helena narrowly putting an end to him. Simmons is defeated, and retribution for the deaths of President Benford, Deborah and countless others is had.

Just as the two agents begin to breathe a sigh of relief, they receive a transmission from Chris telling them to immediately escape the city. Looking to the sky reveals that it is already too late, as a missile explodes overhead,releasing gas that engulfs the city.

It seems to the agents as if all hope is lost, as a tragedy greater than even Raccoon City or Tall Oaks unfolds before their eyes."

Chapter 5

"Desperate but determined to escape, U.S. agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper soldier onward through the streets of China; the city around them now pandemonium, overflowing with the walking dead.

Facing the most grave of circumstances, Leon vows to survive this tragedy for the sake of comrades and friends that did not. However, as the night drags on, hope dwindles; it seems that dawn will not come.

Rescue comes in the form of a lone helicopter, whose pilot is none other than Ada Wong. Ada, who Chris had reported dead.

Riding in Ada's helicopter, the two agents head to the roof of the Quad Tower. There, they find Simmons. Enraged at the sight of the three of them and powered by the enhanced C-Virus, Simmons proceeds to attack--his body undergoing mutation after mutation.

Following a grueling battle, and with Ada's help, Leon and Helena at last are able to defeat Simmons for good. They then go to make their escape via the helicopter, though Ada is nowhere in sight.

Having received evidence of Simmons' wrong doing from Ada, Leon takes flight while still pondering where the spy had gone."


Chapter 1

"Alone in a bar in eastern Europe, drowning himself in booze, sits the decorated soldier Chris Redfield.

Chris' memories lost, each day bleeds into the next as he loses another piece of himself to abandon. It is on one of these dark days that Piers Nivans, member of BSAA North American Branch's Alpha Team, comes to shake Chris out of his drunken stupor and back into action.

Waking to the fact that he himself cannot even remember what he is running from, Chris decides to once again lead Alpha Team into China. By combating the bioterrorism exploding there, Chris hopes his lost memories will return.

However, waiting in China is a fearsome new type of B.O.W., the J'avo; it is an unforgiving foe that, despite being riddled with bullets, undergoes mutation after mutation, refreshing it with new abilities to use in hunting and destroying targets. Despite being thrown from one desperate crisis to the next, Alpha Team, along with Bravo Team, are able to complete their rescue mission. Inside of the enemy stronghold is a nest of human cocoons, and upon seeing these, a sliver of Chris' memory emerges in the back of his mind--a single word: "Finn."

Chris knows this distant memory is the key to the incident that drove him away from the battlefield."

Chapter 2

"Six months before he was found holed-up in a bar, Chris had been leading Alpha Team in containing B.O.W.s in Edonia, an eastern European state torn by civil war. Here too, the J'avo were being used as weapons. It turned out the rebel forces were using all manner of B.O.W.s on the front line, taking any means necessary to put up resistance.

At the end of the long fight, Chris and company managed to secure the enemy's base. Inside they found a prisoner of the resistance: Ada Wong.

Ada had been supplying the rebel forces with B.O.W.s via an organization known as Neo-Umbrella, and had also discovered the existence of the C-Virus. Chris and company proceeded to escort the prisoner out. However, it was all merely a trap. Just as the unit headed out from the base, Ada cruelly infected the team with the C-Virus, mutating them into cocoons.

The creatures that emerged from these cocoons proved to be overwhelming; they dealt a critical blow to Chris' head, causing him to lose his memory. The escape with Piers was nothing but a faint blur in his mind, as he gradually lost consciousness."

Chapter 3

"Chris began to remember. Six months earlier, Ada Wong had been responsible for the murders of his team in Edonia. She was leading the terrorist group Neo-Umbrella and was the one responsible for the tragedy unfolding in China. Deaf to Piers' advice, Chris loses all sense of composure, and grows reckless in his thirst for revenge against Ada.

While hunting down Ada, Chris and company come to the aid of a young man and woman being pursued by Neo-Umbrella. The young pair turn out to be Sherry Birkin and Jake, who had fought together with Chris in Edonia six months earlier. Chris leaves the pair to continue his relentless pursuit of Ada; despite losing more comrades, he finally reaches the research facility.

What Chris finds when confronting Ada, however, is his ally against bioterrorism, Leon. The two proceed to have a heated argument, with Chris insisting that Ada is the culprit and Leon denying it. Pushed to the breaking point, the two turn their guns on each other. While the two men stare each other down, Ada seizes the opportunity to make a quick escape. Though he has let his target slip through his fingers, Chris' rage is quelled by the equally strong conviction of Leon, and he slowly regains his senses.

Leon leaves the pursuit of Ada to Chris, who along with Piers picks up the trail again, following her to a Neo-Umbrella aircraft carrier."

Chapter 4

"Fighting through hordes of bio-weapons and overcoming numerous traps, Chris and Piers make it aboard the aircraft carrier occupied by Neo-Umbrella.

On the vessel's bridge, the two finally corner Ada just as she is readying a zombie missile: a weapon that--starting with China--will soon change the entire world into a living nightmare, just like the Raccoon City tragedy. Ada moves confidently, sure of her victory; however, sudden incoming fire from a helicopter mortally wounds her. Ada utters her last words, and falls from the bridge to her death.

Chris and Piers recover an enhanced strain of the C-Virus and attempt to disarm the missile, yet here, too, is another one of Ada's traps. Without warning, the missile reactivates and launches. The subsequent in-air explosion envelopes the city in a zombifying gas, turning the entire metropolis into hell on earth."

Chapter 5

"The missile Ada had set to explode over China turned the entire city into a literal hell-scape, with hordes of flesh-eating zombies now shuffling through the streets. Right then, Chris is contacted by his comrade Leon, who asks that he rescue Sherry and the young man with her, Jake Muller. Jake, who carries antibodies for the C-Virus, is quite possibly the last hope for humanity; and moreover, he is the actual son of Albert Wesker, who Chris had finally managed to defeat four years prior.

Taking up the call, Chris and Piers infiltrate Neo Umbrella's undersea facility to rescue Jake and Sherry. However, upon finding them it is revealed to Jake that Chris is the one who killed his father. Reflexively, Jake pulls his gun on Chris. The situation is tense. Just then, Neo-Umbrella's massive B.O.W., Haos, awakens. At last, Ada's true objective becomes clear. Should Haos make it to the surface and is unleashed upon the world, all will be lost. Entrusting the fate of the world to Jake's unique blood, Chris tells Jake and Sherry to escape. He and Piers remain, determined to stop Haos at any cost. Haos, however, proves to be overwhelmingly powerful, dealing a mortal wound to Piers and badly injuring Chris. Using his last ounce of strength, Piers injects himself with the enhanced C-Virus, and transforms into a B.O.W.. Though Piers is able to contain Haos, his body is visibly being eaten away at by the virus. Understanding that his fate lay on the ocean floor with the crumbling facility, Piers loads only Chris onto a nearby escape pod.

Yet another team member lost, Chris' battle comes to a close; however, his comrade's sacrifice does not go in vain.

Chris carries with him a renewed sense of optimism, the final gift from his partner Piers, and soon heads back to the battlefield to continue the fight."


Chapter 1

"Though young, Jake Muller is a seasoned mercenary, grinding out a living fighting for the rebels in Edonia. Life in the eastern European state suddenly changes with the arrival of a strange medicine, billed as nutritional supplements. Surprisingly, all who take the supplements begin to change; losing all human rational, they transform into monsters. Jake alone is left unaffected.

Already confused by the chaos erupting at the base, the sudden appearance of U.S. agent Sherry Birkin only further confounds the young mercenary. Sherry explains that the so-called "supplement" is, in fact, the C-Virus: a horrible new mutation-inducing virus developed by the terrorist group Neo-Umbrella. Jake however, as Sherry explains, apparently carries antibodies; this fact quite possibly makes him the last and only hope for humanity in fighting the virus, and is the reason Sherry needs his assistance. True to his mercenary nature, however, Jake insists that if he really is the key to saving the world, his help will come at a cost; an agreement of fifty million dollars for his services is met, and the two go to make their escape from the embattled camp.

At that same moment, Neo-Umbrella unleashes a monstrous hunter, known as Ustanak, to pursue the two. Amidst the ensuing deadly game of cat-and-mouse, the pair run into Chris Redfield of the BSAA--Chris being the older brother of Claire, to whom Sherry owes her life. With Chris' help, the two manage to escape the scene via a BSAA helicopter.

However, Ustanak's relentless pursuit continues. In the creature's attempt to capture Jake, the helicopter sustains massive damage and begins to crash. Sherry and Jake manage to bail out, however, as they near the ground, a piece of the helicopter tears through their parachute, causing them to fall."

Chapter 2

"Jake and a mortally wounded Sherry lie on the snow-covered mountainside. Sherry had shielded Jake from a large fragment of the destroyed helicopter, which is now lodged in her torso.

Jake removes the massive steel hunk from her expecting the worst, yet to his astonishment, her wounds heal right before his eyes. Stranded, the pair seeks refuge from the elements in an empty cottage. Safe inside, Sherry proceeds to tell Jake about the 1998 Raccoon City incident where her father had injected her with a new kind of virus--the source of her remarkable healing ability. The two realize they share a bond, as each of them carries a unique burden, setting them apart from normal people, and it brings the two of them closer together.

The tranquil of this interlude is soon broken by an attack from Neo-Umbrella.

Shaking off an assault by J'avo and running from the ever-persistent Ustanak, Jake and Sherry somehow manage to make their way through the frozen landscape and reach the Edonian border. Here, too, they are surrounded by Neo-Umbrella and captured. The mysterious woman that had distributed the C-Virus to Jake's mercenary group, suddenly appears before their eyes. She tells Jake about Albert Wesker, a man who had nearly destroyed the world and, according to her, is also Jake's father."

Chapter 3

"Following the chase through the snow covered mountains of Edonia, Jake and Sherry are abducted by Neo-Umbrella and taken to a facility in China. Here, they are subjected to test after test, day in and day out, for a grueling six months.

One day Jake finds an opportunity to break free, and after eluding his captors manages to shut down the facility's power before making a run for it. Noticing the power-outage, Sherry also seizes upon this opportunity to escape from her room.

After some commotion, the two are finally reunited; however, in contrast to Sherry's joy, Jake is brooding, harboring anger over thoughts of his father, Albert Wesker. Jake feels cheated by life, having been cursed with his father's blood. Sherry admonishes Jake's sulking, arguing that how he lives is not up to his father's legacy, but up to him. To this, Jake has no reply. Making contact with the U.S. government, the pair discover that Sherry's superiors are also in China and quickly make plans to rendezvous.

Breaking through wave after wave of J'avo, Jake and Sherry find a motorcycle and make a daring escape from the facility."

Chapter 4

"Desperately making their escape through the heart of the bioterror attack in China, Jake and Sherry are eventually surrounded by Neo-Umbrella's forces. Just when things are looking bleak, Chris and the BSAA show up and rescue the pair. However, under strict orders to avoid contact with others, Sherry and Jake part ways with Chris without so much as a word.

On the run once more, Sherry and Jake witness a U.S. government plane crash right before their eyes. When they arrive at the site of the crash, they find Leon Kennedy, who--years ago--had saved Sherry's life. Leon informs Sherry that Derek Simmons, her superior, is in fact the man behind the bioterror outbreak. Having made plans to rendezvous with Simmons but now unsure of if she can trust him, Sherry tells Leon where Simmons is and agrees to meet with Leon again at her rendezvous point.

After arriving there, Sherry finds Leon and Helena facing off against Simmons. Simmons readily admits that he indeed is behind the outbreak, but claims that it was in order to maintain both U.S. and global stability. Simmons then orders his guards to shoot Leon and Helena. Having a personal score to settle with Simmons, Leon and Helena urge Sherry and Jake to escape, offering them cover.

However, Sherry and Jake run right into a nest of J'avo and are quickly overpowered.

Despite their best efforts, the pair are caught once more."

Chapter 5

"Jake and Sherry find themselves trapped in Neo-Umbrella's undersea facility at the bottom of the ocean.

The situation seems hopeless until Chris and Piers, following a tip from Leon, show up to rescue them. However, when Chris admits that he killed Jake's father, Wesker, Jake loses himself to emotion and reflexively pulls his gun on Chris. The situation is tense. Just then, Neo-Umbrella's massive B.O.W., Haos--a creature capable of bringing ruin upon the entire planet--awakens from its cocoon. Understanding how valuable Jake's blood is to the world, Chris tells Sherry and Jake to make their escape while he and Piers fight Haos. Jake and Sherry do not get far before they again run into Ustanak, and are forced into a brutal fight. The seemingly unstoppable hunter refuses to be defeated even after having its body burned away by fiery magma--its pursuit unforgiving to the end. Finally, Jake and Sherry manage to defeat the creature and make their escape from the facility.

Following their adventure together, Jake hands over a sample of his blood to Sherry and disappears--though not before lowering his original asking price of fifty million dollars to just fifty. From Jake's blood, a vaccine for the C-Virus is distilled, and the outbreak is gradually contained."


Chapter 1

"Matchless in her ability and renowned in the underworld as a spy, Ada Wong one day receives an unexpected message. Presidential aide, Derek Simmons, apparently has some information he claims is of great interest to her future.

Curiosity piqued, Ada follows his instructions and infiltrates a submarine--which oddly has its security systems set to match her fingerprints. There, she finds orders from Simmons regarding the capture of Jake Muller, a young man who possessed antibodies to the C-Virus; however, the orders are from more than 6-months prior, and Ada has no recollection of having received them. Ada wonders if someone else has carried out the orders in her place, or if Simmons was merely lying about the information.

Ada escapes the submarine, and receives another message from Simmons, this one informing her that the orders from six months ago are a large piece to the puzzle. Further, he reveals that Neo Umbrella will launch bioterror attacks first in America, then in China. Not wanting to be left out in the cold, Ada heads to America."

Chapter 2

"Good to his word, Simmons' bioterror attacks begin in Tall Oaks, where the president is infected and killed.

On her way to Simmons' laboratory, Ada runs into Leon and his partner Helena. Helena tells of how Simmons had kidnapped her sister Deborah and blackmailed Helena into cooperating in the Tall Oaks attack. Ada considers this story, and decides it wholly possible.

Simmons is afforded certain powers in his position as head of The Family, a generations-old shadow organization that manipulates global-scale politics in order to maintain international "stability"--meaning the continued wealth of The Family's members. After informing Leon and Helena of The Family's existence, Ada ventures further into the laboratory. In the lab Ada finds a tape showing what appears to be herself being born from a cocoon.

For Ada, this solves one mystery: the person to whom Simmons had given the orders six months ago was not her, but her Neo-Umbrella doppelganger--a fake Ada. Furthermore, this fake Ada is now threatening the stability sought by The Family.

Ada is unable to sit idle while this copy of her paraded about, and leaves to find and eliminate her."

Chapter 3

"Ada follows the Neo-Umbrella trail to China, where a bioterror incident dwarfing the recent Tall Oaks attack is occurring. Picking up BSAA transmissions, Ada locks down her imposter's location.

On her way, she encounters Sherry from the Raccoon City incident, with Jake Muller in tow. In addition to the young agent Birkin, both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are in China as well. Ada muses that the entire affair seems more like a Raccoon City reunion.

Following Chris, Ada infiltrates the Neo-Umbrella-controlled aircraft carrier, intent on finding her imposter."

Chapter 4

"On the aircraft carrier, Ada finds documentation regarding the creation of her imposter.

It all stemmed from Simmons' deep-rooted frustrations in her not being the docile, obedient soldier he expected. This frustration bore a twisted need for revenge, which came in the form of creating a facsimile of Ada--a clone that would obey Simmons and only Simmons. The road to perfecting the clone was long, and littered with failures--countless test subjects used and discarded--until finally, success was had in injecting the C-Virus and a sample of Ada's DNA into Carla Radames, a scientist working under Simmons. However, this success was short-lived. The buried consciousness of Carla slowly awoke to her situation, and began to extract retribution against Simmons.

Ada finds her clone's body crumpled on the floor. The imposter had been cornered by the BSAA but ultimately gunned-down by The Family. However, Carla's body, which by all rights should have been dead, springs to life and attacks Ada. Powered by an enhanced strain of the C-Virus, Carla undergoes violent mutations, shrieking that she is the true Ada Wong.

Following a desperate struggle, Ada is eventually able to defeat her clone. However, still having some loose ends to tie up, Ada takes a helicopter and flees the aircraft carrier."

Chapter 5

"Flying into the city, now engulfed in a zombifying gas, Ada spots Leon and Helena locked in a heated battle with Simmons. Simmons, it seems, has injected himself with the same enhanced C-Virus as Carla. Ada rescues Leon and Helena, and cutting through the last of the Neo-Umbrella resistance, the trio fly to the Quad Tower. Here, the complete data set on Ada and her clone is housed. Ada decides that this information must be purged.

Simmons, though, is not finished and launches another attack. With the help of Leon and Helena, Ada manages to defeat Simmons for good, and then slips away.

Though the building is unstable, Ada makes her way into the Quad Tower laboratory and uncovers Carla's myriad notes and research, but most importantly, she finds Carla's ultimate work: a single cocoon housed in a glass chamber. Without pity or remorse, Ada unleashes a barrage of fire into the equipment, destroying all of Carla's things along with the un-hatched cocoon.

As the Quad Tower begins to crumble around her, Ada coolly answers her phone and smiles.

It is orders for her next assignment."

Further notes

  • Although these are summaries found from an official source, they do stray from the actual story presented in the game in some areas.


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