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Charlie Graham (チャーリー・グラハム Chārī Gurahamu?) is a BSAA operator who took part in a special operation in a mountain village in Eastern Europe. He went by the codename Canine in Chris Redfield's elite unit Hound Wolf Squad, earning him the affectionate nickname "K".[1]


Graham is a former dog handler.

In Eastern Europe, he helped his captain Chris Redfield to infiltrating the Winters' home with the goal of eliminating Miranda, a shapeshifter who had taken the guise of Mia Winters in an effort to steal the couple's daughter Rosemary Winters. Sometime later, he and other members of the team arrived at Miranda's overturned convoy to find the escorts killed and Ethan and Rose missing.

Graham and his unit arrived at the crash site at 11:35 AM without finding Ethan and Rose. At 12:10 PM, they infiltrated the Village and engaged with a variety of bioweapons. They found evidence of Ethan being in the Village but Rose's location remained unknown. At 13:10 PM, they established a base in the church and planned an operation with in which Graham, Emily Berkhoff, and John Perlman would search a laboratory nearby while the other two members of Hound Wolf Squad would analyze mold samples. Their captain Chris Redfield was tasked with heading to Heisenberg's Factory.

Graham and the others then set up at a research post somewhere in the Reservoir outside of the village to monitor the situation and examine the Mold around the Village. Graham and his teammates were attacked by the mutated fish creature that Moreau had become, but all of them made it out alive. Sometime later, he and the others observed Miranda at the ceremony site, which they reported to Chris Redfield.

After Ethan Winters's apparent death, the Hound Wolf Squad then regrouped to discuss the mission objective to terminate Miranda and rescue Rose. Chris then ordered them to watch out and terminate any hostile B.O.W., and to find out why the BSAA was deployed to this village in the first place.

After the village was destroyed when Ethan detonated explosives that Chris had planted earlier, Chris issued orders to pick up the rest of their squad and plot a course to BSAA Europe HQ.

During the years after the destruction of the village, Graham and Chris forced Rose to undergo basic training, with which she was severely bored. Both Chris and Graham played a great role in her care and upbringing.

In 2037, Miranda, who had survived as a disembodied consciousness for sixteen years in a fragment of the Megamycete, took advantage of Rose's connection to Graham when Rose came into close proximity with the surviving piece of the Fungal Root and was exposed to its quorum sensing abilities. In this disguise, Miranda was able to lure Rosemary Winters into coming into the Realm Of Consciousness willingly by exploiting her desire to live a normal life free of powers that she had inherited from her parents Ethan and Mia Winters. Miranda, as Graham, offered Rose the means to relinquish her abilities, but this offer was merely one last ruse by Miranda.



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