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Chase was a member of Claire Redfield's convoy. In Resident Evil: Extinction, he was referred to by L.J. as a "cowboy" (as he wears a cowboy hat) and drives the gas tank responsible for refueling the convoy. He is portrayed by Linden Ashby, who is best known for his role as Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat, which was also directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.


During the events of the movie, Chase appears to be the member of the convoy responsible for maintaining the gas tanks and keeping watch. When searching for gasoline in the ruins of Las Vegas, he acts as a sniper, climbing the Paris Las Vegas Hotel replica of the Eiffel Tower and shooting down the Super Undead when they suddenly emerge during the Battle of Las Vegas.

Chase 4

Chase snipes the Super Undead from the tower

At first, Chase goes unnoticed by the Undead. But when another member of the convoy begins to seek refuge on the tower, the Super Undead climb and follow. Chase switches his rifle for a magnum and helps the member of the convoy, managing to kill a few of the Undead climbing the tower. Unfortunately, he is eventually overwhelmed by the Undead. As he runs out of ammunition, unable to defend himself, and bitten several times, he decides to jump off from the tower. As a result, he takes the Super Undead down with him, but lands on a metal girder below himself; Chase is killed on impact.

Further notes

  • According to the commentary of Extinction, Paul W.S. Anderson chose Linden Ashby to play Chase because he is similar to his character in reality.[2]



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