"A liquid that can be combined to make items. Can't be used as is."
— Inventory description

Chem Fluid (薬液 yakueki?) is an item that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Chem Fluid is a useful component that is required to create various items such as ammunition and healing items.

One Chem Fluid takes up one inventory slot, they do not stack at all.

The item cannot be used on its own but can be combined with certain items.


1 Chem Fluid + 1 Herb = 1 First Aid Med

1 Chem Fluid + 1 Gunpowder = 10 Handgun Ammo

1 Chem Fluid + 1 Solid Fuel = 100 Burner Fuel

1 Chem Fluid + 1 Supplements = 1 Psychostimulants

Jack's 55th Birthday

Ethan Must Die

In Ethan Must Die, Chem Fluid can be found in 1-star crates.



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