"An Umbrella-made weapon that uses pressurized gas to produce red-hot flames. Portable and refuellable, it's always ready for the long haul."
— Inventory description
"圧縮ガスによって噴出された燃料に着火し、高熱の炎を投射するアンブレラ製の兵器。 携帯性に優れ、燃料補充方式の工夫など、継戦能力も高い。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Chemical Flamethrower is a weapon that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The Chemical Flamethrower can be obtained by players either in Leon's campaign by solving the associated queen/ king plug puzzle in the sewers or within Katherine Warren's Runaway scenario in the The Ghost Survivors mode. It takes up 2 inventory slots and has a max capacity of 400; with one trigger pull expending 2 units of ammo by default. An upgrade part for it called the Regulator is present at the Nap Room inside the Laboratory, which allows for a much better fuel efficiency and less frequent reload overall.

While not especially powerful against most common enemies; stronger enemies such as G-Adult, Birkin's G mutations, and Super Tyrant fall incredibly fast to it. It is also Leon's only weapon capable of finishing the Ivy enemies for good.


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