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"A chemical to kill the weeds."
— Item description (1996)
"A chemical agent to destroy plant growth."
— Item description (2002)

The chemical to use on plants is a herbicide agent which can destroy t-Virus-infected plants and their growth. Upon examination of the front of the bag, the item's name changes to "herbicide."


Greenhouse (1)

The Chemical can be put here to kill the Monster Plant.

It can be used inside the Greenhouse to kill the Monster Plant by putting it into a water pump. Once the Monster Plant is killed, player can pass through to collect:

  • Armor Key (1996)
  • death mask, mask w/out eyes (2002) - Player must place the bag in the machine and choose the "red" option to kill the plant; choosing the "green" option will kill five herbs on a nearby bench instead.



It can be found inside the East storeroom of the Spencer Mansion.


It is found in the outdoor area, on a wheelbarrow.