The Chemical weapons storage (武器・薬品倉庫?)[1] was a storage locker used for chemical weapons delivered from other Umbrella facilities through the transport terminal




Location Localisation Original Script
Lift A lift station. It is stopped upstairs. It can't be used.
Box There is nothing useful here.
Shelves There are lots of chemicals here. I wonder what purposes they were used for?
Sorter This seems to be a part of the sorter. It appears that the loads are collected here.
Barrels There is nothing useful here.
Weapons locker (after taking the AK-47) There's nothing left.
Missiles Missiles are lined up here. I wonder what they planned to use them for?
Ammo locker It's locked. Explosives are set, but the detonator is missing.
Ammo locker (placing the detonator) The explosive is heat-sensitive.
Ammo locker (detonator placed) It's locked. A heat-sensitive explosive is set here.
Approach the flames (after activating the sorter) A magnum can be seen. The fire is preventing me from taking it.
Door to package sorting room It's tightly shut.




  1. Hamamura (ed.), Kaitai Shinsho, p.163
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